Pattern 1, Crossover and puncture Techniques for Warp Predictive Software

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When you see me trading Emini Nasdaq using Warp predictive software I use the green dots over the 120 EMA as buy signals; It’s called Pattern #1.

The red dots under the 120 EMA are used as sell signals and is called Pattern #2. When you buy the software, you have all these configurations in a Handbook in PDF format.

For today with the setup that I have for my predictive signals, shows me my first buy opportunity at 8:37. At this point you open the first trade (ENTRY 1), this is a Buy P1 pattern, and with 2 contracts or more you can:

  • Take profit at the las high first, move your SL at point of break even and,
  • Close the second contract or rest of the contracts at 8:51 when the time for that candle in the 1-minute chart ends.
  • Or you can close all contacts at 8:51

For the entry number 2 (ENTRY 2 in the chart) I used the crossover EMA 120 technique. You wait until the candle closes under the 120 EMA, open the trade, the stop loss is above 1 tick over the candle, and you take profits at the next timestamp when the time of that candle expires.

For the entry number 3 (ENTRY 3 in the chart) I used the puncture technique. It consists in wait a candle that crosses and close under the green level defined by the 9:03 signal and open a trade short. The stop loss is above the candle 1 tick and you can grab 5 to 8 ticks of that move easily.

There you have it, Pattern 1, Crossover and puncture Technique for Warp predictive Software and the correct way to manage risk and take profits.

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