What Are We All About

BackToTheFutureTrading.com was not something any of us here set out to do, originally. We didn’t wake up one day and say to ourselves, “hey, how do we cash in on all these desperate day traders?”. We didn’t look around at Traders International and their business model, or research affiliate plans. We’d spent much of our trading lives despising online gurus. The last thing we ever wanted to become was a “vendor” of trading systems, or education, or indicators.

One day though, I’d gotten an email from Ben Letto about a new tool that he was working on. Having worked on trading systems and strategies for over a year professionally – wining and dining vendors and gurus to get them to divulge their secrets for the trading fund I worked for – I was immediately intrigued by what I saw. It was completely different from anything I’d ever seen.

And so I invited my trading partner, best friend, and long time “brother in the Lord” Ron Gardner to sit with me and watch the software operate in real time. Together, we poked and prodded and explored the code. We set it up on the emini S&P, sat back, and watched the indicator running on our trading computers.
I was on my headset and talking to Ron over a Skype connection, as he watched the indicator running on his screen. Together we sat and watched how a 20 minute old prediction for a market turn took place, to the second of the minute bar we were watching for – watched as it stopped, went no more than 1 or 2 more ticks down, and launched up on our trading charts for no other reason than “it was time”.
I said, “Ron, did you see what I just saw?”. He did, and he confirmed that the indicator was in fact working – that we had not misinterpreted what we had seen.

I went back to Ben and offered to help him market the tool to his customers – people he had developed custom indicators for in the past. A relatively small pool of people considering the millions of day traders and retail investors that trade every day.

The response to the indicator was overwhelming. And then something none of us expected started taking place – the tool, and the concept, started taking on a life of its own. We couldn’t help but notice other patterns, bigger patterns and cycles – different ways to manipulate the data to see things more clearly. We found ways to overlap concepts we had learned and mastered the previous year. Feedback from new clients started pouring in back to us, confirming the suspicions on our own trading computer monitors.
One day I turned to Ben and said, “I know exactly what to call this”. He said, “What?”. I said, “Back to the Future Trading... this indicator is like the Flux Capacitor. You go back in time, and return to the present with the predictions for the future.”

It was perfect. A little silly, sure – but a perfect analogy and starting point for what has been the most exciting, fulfilling, and hardest job we’ve ever had.

Each of us fills a unique and specialized role here. Ben heads up the programming and technical side of things, insuring the indicators are up to date, and the new ideas and concepts get fleshed out into new upgrades and updates. Ron works with traders in the live room, training them to use the Flux™ tools real time and hold them accountable to the Mark Douglas “Trading in the Zone” standards we sold out for years before.

And I get to do what I love to do most – take what appears to be one of the most complicated analysis tools ever created for smaller traders – break it down into bite sized pieces – and help people understand that they can do what I do. I show them how easy it is, in fact – to analyze, uncover, display, and leverage the trading patterns of the institutional corporations.

Every week, I get to prove “Bigfoot” exists. I send out what the Flux™ has found is most likely to happen again in the futures, Forex, commodities, equities,  ETF, and bond markets. We go back 24, 48 hours later and see what happens. Over 200 webinars later, I don’t even draw on my trading charts anymore. I simply ask people that attend the webinars one question,

“Did the turning point times we were watching in these markets actually produce pivot highs and pivot lows in the markets that we were watching, a statistically significant number of times?”

The answer, in my recent memory, has always been “Yes”.  And that “Yes” gives me permission to teach people about a tool that has the potential to literally transform their lives.

We love what we do. And if we ever start acting like the other vendors – the other trading gurus and vendors that treat traders and investors like their own personal “blood bank” – we’ve agreed to recognize it, and close up the company. The day we wake up and care more about profits and less about people – the humans that come to us looking for help – will be the day we stop doing this.

Until then – it’s been quite a ride. Our family is 500+ people strong now. We’re small – but we’re mighty – and that’s the way we like it.