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Institutional Class Trading Software:

See the markets as they really are. Powerful indicators show you what's happening "behind the curtain". You'll level the field - and own the same tools they do.

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Powerful data mining indicators scan across thousands of historical price bars on your computer and project market turns and reversals to the second, days and hours before the move - with 65-70%+ accuracy.


You'll change from a "reaction" trader to a "pro-active" trader. You'll know when to be sitting and watching for the confluence of your confirmation tools, and when to walk away and do something else - avoiding the traps, stop runs, and chop designed to kill your account.

Relax and Breathe: 

Tacheon traders report a sense of calm and expectancy, a sense of "knowing what's about to happen". Allowing them to breathe, relax, and make sound confident trading decisions based on logic, not panic.

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With over 500 clients and counting, our customers send us notes to pass along to you as you learn more about us. 

Dušan Debevec
Dušan Debevec


Great products, supported by very kind team that is very responsive and helpful, also a lot of learning material. Thank you for all the support!

Tony B
Tony B


I have been using the BTTF Warp software for 3 years now and am still astounded at how well it functions in volatile markets. Customer service is second to none. I highly recommend BTTFT. -T.B.



Today I could not believe (well, actually I could) when I saw the undeniable precision of the time signals created days in advance by the Time Warp indicator! Michael and Ron are absolute geniuses!!!

T. Leong
T. Leong


I like Mike and the team over there. I have purchased several of the software they sell. I wouldn't be a repeat customer if the software didn't work. It works if you do.

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