Time Cycle Indicator Addiction!

Trading Insights

Yesterday afternoon I was assisting a veteran Flux Time Cycle trader with a Ninjatrader platform issue. Good traders are not necessarily good computer techs! In our conversation (while I was working on his ninja) he laughed and said , you guys are like drug dealers. I was immediately taken back, What do you mean? I asked defensively.

He said, " I have been trading for a lot of years, and I've been good at it, and I have used a lot of stuff in my time, but this Time Cycle Indicator is the only one I can't seem to live without". "I didn't have it today when my platform messed up, and for the first time I realized how much I needed it".   I have to admit, I have never been compared to a drug dealer  before,  LOL.

Most day traders know "It" is there, "It" is always there. Some unseen force that drives everything, is a part of everything. You know its there, but you just can't put your finger on it. It is Time. Now to a new Flux trader, he  has a way to identify that force, and to track It. With that comes a newly found sense of power, and confidence. One that was not there before. I have to admit it is very fulfilling to watch the enlightenment and the transformation into a more confident trader.

From the things I have read, I guess its kinda like the first taste of a new drug. This transformation almost always goes the same way. First its disbelief, then amazement, then after a few weeks, traders cant seem to live without it.

Today 8/4/2011 the futures markets could only be described as down.Way down! The key to not only surviving the day,but being profitable through it, was timing. The Flux Time Cycle Indicator had us short from 10:17 this morning. Most of the day! How is that possible? No one could have seen this coming. No Trading indicator could have seen it with that kind of precision! Or could it?

Pre-Market analysis

The aftermath

In this mornings Flux Time Cycle  Training class, at 8am we drew a vertical line at the time of day we expected to see the E-mini's and 4 other futures markets turn.The Time Cycle points for the day, both major and minor, were known in advance. The drop today really was not much of surprise to most in the room.Most of them have seen this before. Of course it is always fun to see the new guys reactions when the market stops on a dime and reverses, right on time! The time we said hours before!

That initial reaction by the new Flux user when he sees his new Time cycle Indicator live on his computer screen can only be described as "priceless"!

LOL, I guess in some ways, we may be like drug dealers after all.............!