The Trading time cycles

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What is the coolest wrist watch you have ever seen?

There are literally thousands of unique designs and cool function in wrist watches today.

Much like trading indicators, but as a day trader in Stocks, Futures or Forex, wouldn't you love to have a watch that told you when the time was right to place a trade?

That is exactly how I relate to what the Flux Time Indicator does...when we are trading time cycles. It tells me when is the best time to look for the trade to occur.Whether you are a Swing trader, Scalping trader or Longer term trader, We all know about looking for the right price but what about the right time? Is this even really relevant?

Lets think back for a minute, its like me as a kid ,when I  just got my first wrist watch. After that glorious day, I knew when supper was going to be ready! No more guessing. Mom made supper at about the same time every day. No more playing outside until I had that funny feeling in my stomach, then running a half mile through the woods to get home, only to discover that either supper isn't ready yet, or I missed it and now all that is left are the scraps.

With the Flux Time Cycle Indicator, ( My "Trading Watch" if you will), I'm now on time for the trade when we are trading time cycles. What, no way you might say! I use this tool every day I trade, and teach classes on its many facets. Its alway neat  to hear the comments from most new users. For what seems like the first time in their trading life, they are  actually on time for the trade. No more chasing the trade, or jumping in just 3 minutes too soon, only to watch their stop get hit then, the market go straight to the target!

Now they know when its coming, and 'wear' it when they are trading time cycles, and  just like me when I was a kid, they can keep on playing until the time is right to watch for the trade.

Unfortunately its not available in wrist watch form, but if it were, that would be the coolest watch ever!