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July 08-2021

Today I have selected the Emini Nasdaq (NQ) for my trading session. For those who read my articles I love days with news.

For this morning I want to share the 5 minute NQ chart, to show the type of market in the Asian session. Remembering the 3 types of markets; A bullish market, when you see higher highs and higher lows, a bearish market, when you see higher lows with lower lows, and a market in range when you see the price in lateral way. When you have a strong movement like this, always ends in a range. So, for my New York session I must be aware of that.

I love to check my calendar for today and watch if my predictive software signals appears at the same time.

For my trading plan I use the 3 and 1 minute charts. My predictive software WARP shows me in the 3 minute chart, Bearish pression after the opening bell. That’s my zone of interest. That time of window.

My setup for my predictive time signal software is as follows for the NQ (E-Mini Nasdaq):

  • Swing:10
  • Origination Mode: Trading Days
  • Source Days: 1-2-3-4
  • Volatility Stop Offset ATR: 1,2

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With that in mind for today I will trade in the 1 minute chart, supervising the big moves in my 3 minute chart. My interest time zone: 08:33 am to 09:00 am.

At the open the 8:32 signal, is inverted and I identify a Pattern 4. At the left I identify the bottom as relevant support zone (3 white circles). The price goes up until the 120 EMA in 3 minutes and I wait to reverse and crosses back the 120 EMA in 1 minute timeframe. I use the Puncture technique. (When the price closes under or above the 120 EMA, I take a long or a short position trade)

I cover fast the 2 first contracts, and the third one. At the left you see the last bottom Lower Low swing, so I think to take profits there, or until 08:59 am.

So, I move my profit to a lower position. And move the Stop loss to break even, one candle before the active one. The prices “jumps” back and close my last position. I could take more profits in the initial lower low, but this is my runner contract, and I like to explore the market, you never know.

Nasdaq is a “beast”, I must be focused and concentrated. When I trade the Emini Nasdaq I do not trade other markets at the same time.

For today 112 ticks, that’s a great trade for me. $2,240 usd, using predictive time signals.

Juan Fernando Vega

Mechanical Engineer


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