Technical analysis of big time cycles for a myopic scalper

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Me, look at large time frames?

I never used to do any technical analysis on the Emini S&P when using the Flux time cycle tools until other traders started asking me to look at the higher time frames. The technical analysis software of the Flux allows me to look at both ranges of the time frame - but most of the time - I never look at the large ones. I am short sighted, admittedly, this way.

Once I started looking at them, I've honestly had a heck of a time looking at the lower time frames.

There's something cleaner about the market movements, and less noisier in the 60 minute arena. The technical analysis is just cleaner there - and I like that.

Look at some things on the chart with me and see if you see them for yourself.





















Remember, the technical analysis of these cycles were known about a week in advance.

That means - like a week ago - I could have told you about the bottom at 1:00 yesterday.

Does that weird you out when you're looking at this chart? It used to make me itchy - my brain would melt.

Now, when I do the technical analysis on my charts, I use the Flux indicators 3 important ways.

First - I look for the closing price of the trend marker (see the larger of the colored dots).

Notice how the price reacts very violently to that price (white lines, green/red lines).

It's as though the big guys are making a decision about that price - a level that usually had no importance to anyone else watching the markets from the outside in. The technical analysis of the Flux software picks it out though through the data mining...

But that dot plots - and the closing price of that candle becomes a battleground support and resistance level.

Notice what the very next candle did on the last 4 Flux Trend markers.

It closed "above" the price. Even when we were expecting a down move.

Green - close up -------flier.

Red - close up ------drift up

Green - close up--------flier

Red - close up--------you can see the actual trade.


Even though the powerzone marker was a "sell"...even though it appeared at the high of the move, which is a perfect short setup - I know on the higher time frames especially to wait for a close below that zone price (red line)

You can see how the institutions tested that price as they were trading around it.

You can see the trading intention to close below it, but the inability to get beneath and stay there. And off prices went.

That line - that price - the price that no other traders knew was even important - tells you a lot about market intention.

This trade may turn around and fall 1000 points. But the pattern has been a cycle of close above and run.

The candles sitting on this "secret pivot" like birds on a wire. . .

Until it closes below, there is nothing weak about this market, and the institutions have to play their hands.