Ninjatrader Indicators for studying Time-Price relationships

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Via NinjaTrader indicators, I've been studying timing pack patterns in the markets now for over 10 years. When I first started out I didn't truly understand how little I actually knew about how timing patterns worked and popular instruments like the Futures Forex and equities markets. One of the things that I couldn't possibly have understood in the very beginning was the interrelationship between time and price. I seem to have a handle on how the timing patterns worked, noticing how prices were going up and down at projected future times, but I really didn't understand how price was associated with those times and how those price levels of the key timing patterns became support and resistance in the market. I'd come across various articles over the years that tried to explain it, but always felt like they fell short:

No one had ever really developed a Ninjatrader indicator to help with this study, either.

In this video, I spend some time discussing the six laws of time resistance that I've been able to discover and forward implement in markets the e-mini S&P and various Forex pairs. I'd like you to spend some time going through each of the rules with me, and see for yourself in this video demonstration how those rules apply in this peculiar permutation of time and price. As of 2017 we're starting to understand that the markets are not purely time, purely price, what are rather a resonant interdependence of the two. Each market has a resonant angle -  a hybrid of time and price. I'll use this ninjatrader indicator to demonstrate the hybrid resident angle in the e-mini and in particular I'll show how the six laws of time resistance are functional on both a horizontal plane, as well as this hybrid resident angle plane. This powerful ninjatrader indicator also allows me to Anchor the spring pattern of the e-mini, and you'll see for yourself how we're still looking upwards towards a reproach of the former high back towards 2400.

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