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For today's trading session I selected the Emini Nasdaq. Before the opening, and with my setup for Warp predictive software, the timestamps show me bearish potential price action. I like to wait sometimes until the minute 33 when the price action is extended or not near the 120 EMA (Blue), like in this morning

Look the timestamp at 8:30 (The most volatile time) shows me a P2 pattern. It means the I am authorized by the rules of this trading predictive system to open a selling trade. Red dot under the 120 EMA. But as I said after the opening, I like to wait a few minutes to read the candles. So, a violent candle crossover the 120 EMA at minute 33 and I take my first trade, my stop loss is at the 50% of the candle, or in the red line of the 8:30 time stamp. My first 2 contracts are covered (1:1 Risk/Reward Ratio), and I move my SL at point of break even.

I look at my left and take profits below the next swing high.

I want to cover my last contract at 8:39, but in my experience with the Nasdaq I always trail my stop with the big candles

At this moment I made more than $2K in 6 minutes of trading.

If you want to continue just wait until the next signal. In this case with the bullish runaway, I expected a deeper pullback. At 8:50 there is a buying pressure signal, but I wait the “U” turn, that means that after connect an countertrend line (Cyan color), I reduce my position, wait that the level (green line) is tested, and open the trade and grab other $400 with one contract

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