Emini-S&P 500 – Crossover in the 120 EMA

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For today Emini S&P Trade, we are going to analyze one trade that I avoid, then wait to get more info and then open mi first trade.

In the chart the vertical green region is the opening bell. At 8:37 am we have the first BUY pattern, and I didn’t take it. Why? Look the 8:24 am time stamp and the red line plotted by itself. At the opening the price couldn’t cross above that line forming medium wicks in the candles. That’s a good resistance level (White square). The candle at 8:37 is closed with a big wick, making me think that a reverse could be come.

The price makes the first crossover at the 120 EMA but does not cross the 8:37 level, I wait the second attempt trying to cross the EMA and the green price level, and I open the trade.

If you missed it, you could put a sell limit order at the middle of the third big candle (the one that crossed both levels) in the middle of it or the 50% of his body.

My objectives? cover fast the 1:1 and hold the position until 8:52 time stamp. I cover my first 3 contracts and move my SL (Stop loss) at point of break even.

Now with profits you can:

  • Do not move the stop loss and wait until the next timestamp or
  • Manage your trade and trail the stop until the price stops you out.
  • Wait the 8:52 candle that closes and close the trade.
  • Wait the 8:52 candle that closes and try go further to the 9:06 time stamp

I do the fourth move and trail my stop loss level

The price stops me out but makes a HUGE move!!

It also stops me out to early 😉 but was a great analysis and the movement closes lower at 9:06 time stamp

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