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July 01-2021

Starting a new month, almost half a year now.

Trading Wednesdays a Thursdays for some people are hard, and they are freaking out their minds cause the “relevant” news.

My predictive software reduces all hesitations and put me in the “execute” technique mode. Just following some basic steps, I have a full guide of the modern predictive modelling algorithm software to validate my entries.

My setup for my predictive time signal software is as follows for the YM (E-Mini Dow Jones):

  • Swing:8
  • Origination Mode: Trading Days
  • Source Days: 1-2-3-4
  • Volatility Stop Offset ATR: 1,2

In my 3 minute chart a identify at the bottom from 8:30 to 8:51 what will be a selling pressure zone, after taking this screen capture, I wait until the opening bell that for me, is at 8:30 am, after that I will execute my entries in the 1 minute chart.

So, my Trading setup will have the 3 minute Anchor chart at the left and my execution 1 minute chart at the right.

At the opening bell I thought that I could have a reverse P4 pattern at 8;29, but the wick of the candles, tell me that the price was rejected. So, the Bias at 3min chart, going down was right.

I open my first trade, cover my first 2 contracts, move my SL (Stop loss), to point of break even + 2 and stop me out 1 contract. That was fast. Now I want a pullback to sell again.

Fast as I can when I saw the wick of the candle, I put another sell limit order.

The same trade as the last one, I cover 2 contracts and the third one stop me out at point of break even. During the active candle I activate a sell direct order to the market.

The third one is my last chance to reach my daily goal, and the time window in 3 minute chart still open until 8:46. My first 2 contracts were covered. After that I hold my last position until 8:46. When I have big candles, I like to trail my stop or at 50% of the body, or above of the candle if it has a regular size. My target was reached before I explore the closing time at 8:46.

So, for today 2 entries reacting to my fast ATM Breakeven point move that were stopped out.

And the third one that gave me the movement that I wanted and have identify previously at the 3 minute chart.

122 Ticks for the Dow Jones today ($610), and my daily target reached.

Warp Software and the predictive signals rules!!

Juan Fernando Vega

Mechanical Engineer


Spanish - Support