Flux BROADHEAD ELITE -  The Flux Broadhead ELITE takes the powerful Flux BROADHEAD and adds a powerful targeting system, using a fixed number of ticks for a stop and a target (user defined) or an ATR (average true range) multiplier of the market's current ATR value for use as a stop and a target. The Flux BROADHEAD comes standard in the Flux PROFESSIONAL and INVESTOR packages, but some customers requested an "all in one" method of not only identifying entry points, which the BROADHEAD excels at, but also at identifying potential stops and targets for each BROADHEAD signal. This upgrade accomplishes that, enabling customers to test their own "all in one" trading methodology with entries, stops, and targets appearing automatically for each signal. .

Customer Profile: For customers that want specific stops and targets displayed mechanically for each signal.





Flux VOLUME VACUUM  -  The Flux VOLUME VACUUM trigger indicator is specifically designed to identify volume divergence in the market you are trading. As prices are rising in the market, the VOLUME VACUUM will identify when buying volume is leaving the market, and display a mechanical down arrow to let you know that people are abandoning their buying positions with increasing prices. It will also identify when buying volume is coming back into the market, and display a mechanical "UP" arrow to let you know that people are buying into new lows, and that a reversal is most likely imminent. VOLUME VACUUM signals tend to be sharp reversals, meaning the users can identify areas that are lower risk, and may require smaller stops to test an area when purchasing or selling.

Customer Profile: For customers that want to confirm an entry with volume / identify very low risk market areas / use smaller stops




The Flux TRIGGER PACK includes the FLUX VOLUME VACUUM, THE FLUX SCALPEL SIGNAL,  the FLUX VOLUME BARRIER, the FLUX TREND MEMBRANE, the FLUX HAIR TRIGGER, and the FLUX SENTIMENT ZONE INDICATOR in one monthly subscription package. Each of these six trigger indicators has their own very specific means of identifying market reversals and trend continuations and is highly tuned to identify confirmation for lower risk entries into the market you are trading.

Customer Profile: For customers that want a suite of confirmation indicators to use in conjunction with their time signals / want very mechanical entries.





Flux RAPID FIRE  -  The Flux RAPID FIRE is our most mechanical entry trading methodology ever developed. This trend trading analysis tool comes complete with a market "trigger" feature that will automatically enter you in the market, when you tell the software what direction you would like to take the next signal. For example, if you identify that the market is trending down, you simply click the "SHORT" button on the top of your screen, and the program will enter a market order short at the next RAPID FIRE entry. Users can choose "SHORT, LONG, or TREND" when using the system for a nearly automatic trading system. The RAPID FIRE trading system was developed in conjunction with Flux Trainer Ron Gardner, and a Flux Customer who had been using the Flux Tools for a year as a customer.

Customer Profile: For customers that want a mechanical trading system framework





Flux CORE FIRE  -  The Flux CORE FIRE is a mechanical trading methodology that uses identifies trend entries based on the price action "internals" of the Flux Broadhead. While monitoring the Flux Broadhead, we noticed that different levels of the Broadhead's internal functions were generating triggers that when viewed in a trending environment, were very precise "break-down" moments for a market. That is to say, in a trending market, the CORE FIRE signals are historically plotted just before very explosive break outs up or down where lower amounts of risk can be deployed to test if a market will move very far, very quickly.

Customer Profile: For customers that want a mechanical trading system framework / take trend trade signals.



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