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Leverage the power of historical analysis and data mining to discover the future patterns and behaviors of trade times. See what our products can do to take your trading to the next level.

The foundation of our tools. Warp Provides institutional-grade time cycle analysis for intraday trading of futures, forex, & equities.

Expand the power of Warp with this powerful plugin. Aurora provides additional functionality for higher level trade analysis and execution. 

Force cannot be shown, it must be taught. With this workshop program you will learn not only how to make the most of Tacheon, you will gain a better understanding of what drives the markets.

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Predictive mining signals based on
highly accurate data mining and
advanced Gann techniques for
traders of any experience level in
futures, forex, equities, and options.

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  • Instantly scan the historical data of any instrument to identify recurring behavioral times and movement directions to identify upcoming high probability trade times.

  • Use the signals as stand alone trade entries, or pair them with your existing system to help filter and identify which entries are mature and have the best chance of evolving.

  • Reduce trade frequency, tighten stops—and let winners run as you track institutions who rig markets to trap traders.

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