The beginning of the the Sun is shutting down the bull run (again)

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For 10 years, I've observed how markets  - and consequently mass psychology - relate to what WD Gann referred to as "Natural Law", or the, "law of Vibration".

About 9 years into my study of time, I started to see dots connecting like string between crime scene photos in some CSI detective show. Everything started lining up. 

One of my first public verifications - was a prediction I'd made for the last total solar eclipse. I'd gone back and studied over 20 years of the event in question, and noticed that in almost every instance, the market put in a very distinct "w" pattern, and rose from the lower leg of the "w" up past the highs after the eclipse.

Here's a link to that video, if you're interested in the study. You can go back and see for yourself what happened the day after the eclipse - and compare it to my findings....

I find patterns, all the time - like the one I showed everyone in the AUDUSD in my last YouTube post:

In that video, I showed years of patterns - cycles that people just forget to look for....and what to expect "vibrationally".

I've got a very important class for you to download and watch - if you're interested in understanding one of the biggest cycles of them all.

The one that precedes every large recession, and global conflict.

Not the "evangelist claims the end of the world" type stuff. 

The kind of cycles that banks watch - and arguably start with their financial and geo-political influence.

Here's the class - I gave it earlier this summer in my annual Las Vegas trading conference. 

The market has been following the pattern I described in the video - identically since then.

Just like the AUDUSD....just like the solar eclipse patterns.

Note: You MUST DOWNLOAD the file to view it on your PC. Dropbox is not a video player - but will preview the video a few minutes.

I promise - this video is based on science, and cycles you can point to factually. 

Events that happen over and over and over again - if you're watching.

I taught the class to 10 people. I'm giving you the opportunity to view this - and share with as many people as you can before this move happens. 

Don't say you weren't warned. 

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Thank you for your time - and remember - the market you trade is not random. 

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