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Today's trade includes the puncture technique, a pullback to the ATR level and a pattern 2

Warp software include some rules to follow. Just read the last articles to understand them.

Look the 8:27 time stamp, it defines a horizontal line based on ATR calculations made by Warp predictive software. At the opening bell the price is rejected above, in the 120 EMA (Blue color). With that concept I open my first trade when the level of the time stamp is crossed down. My first target is the lower low at my left, my stop loss is above the candle that gave me the signal, and my final target will be at 8:54 time stamp.

The first target is reached, I move my stop loss at point of break even (BE). I identify the next lower low at my left again as a reversal level line.

The price reverses and stop me out. Remember the las article when I explain that I always like to put partial profits in my account

My next trade I use the ATR level again and Price action. At the minute 8:40, the price reaches the ATR level defined by the 8:27 time stamp again! So, I open the second trade. I reduce my position with 2 contracts. After reach the 1:1 level of positive move I move my stop loss to BE point.

The first target is reached

And after that I just follow the price manually until the price stop me out. I follow the price because the candles are so big, that the imminent reverse will appear.

For the next entry, just wait for the 8:54 timestamp to activate the third trade that is a Sell pattern 2, and repeat the process.

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