Support Services

Do you need hands-on technical assistance?

While the TachEon software updates are free and the installation instructions and video clips walk you through the process, we can log onto your computer and assist with the install process, if you need that extra hand.

Personal Assistance to install the TachEon software on a computer or upgraded platform is only $100.00! NinjaTrader, for all its conveniences, can be confusing at times but we can provide personal assistance and technical support to:

  • Navigate through Ninja-script errors that are preventing you from loading new indicators
  • Upgrade to the latest version of NinjaTrader while preserving your current setups
  • Create your own custom visual templates and/or workspaces
  • Personal orientation to get more familiar with the NinjaTrader platform basics and your TachEon indicators
    *For trading-specific mentoring such as strategies, setups, and entries, visit our mentoring page HERE


Service Options


- TachEon Installation or Support service: $100.00
If you're struggling with file placement (workspaces, templates, or other files) or with licensing your indicators, you may purchase a shorter, discounted service
- TachEon File Placement / Licensing Assistance: $75.00