Need more help?  1 on 1 Training Is Available! Our Pro-Fast-Training and Mentoring Sessions are designed to catapult your training with the tools you've purchased. This hour long live training event allows us – via GoToMeeting – to connect to your desktop and teach you how to use the most important parts of your TachEon tools. We’ll record this session for your archives... saving everything we do with a customized template file in a customized workspace so you’ll have the settings every time you start your trading platform. We can't wait to meet with you personally!



Jacob Royall has qualified for 4 Apex-funded trading accounts through use of the TachEon software and extensive backtesting. His mentorship sessions can include (but are not exclusive to)
  • Training on how to pass Apex evaluations to become a professionally funded trader
  • Training in proper backtesting techniques
  • Expert instruction in settings, patterns, punch through/puncture trades, OPL methods, and more... 
  • Money management, such as the fixed ratio scaling methodology 
  • Custom system building
  • Trading psychology