Mentoring Overview

Mentoring Sessions are designed to catapult your training with the tools you've purchased. This hour long, live training event allows us – via GoToMeeting – to connect to your desktop and teach you how to use the most important parts of your TachEon tools. We’ll record this session for your archives... saving everything we do with a customized template file in a customized workspace so you’ll have the settings every time you start your trading platform. We can't wait to meet with you personally!
Sessions can include (but are not exclusive to)
  • Training in proper back-testing techniques
  • Expert instruction in settings, patterns, punch through/puncture trades, OPL methods, and more...
  • Money management, such as the fixed ratio scaling methodology
  • Custom system building
  • Trading psychology

Meet the Mentors:

Michael Lydick: Co-Founder of BTTFT. Michael specializes in Vibrational Law or FORCE techniques across futures, Fx, stocks/options, and cryptocurrency trades of all time frames. While perhaps the most intense training available, Vibrational law techniques (for both Warp and Force customers) provide a "theory of everything" / all encompassing toolbox of techniques to deploy in any market using the fundamental Time concepts of Polarity, Partitions (splits), and Patterns. Customers looking to maximize their investment in Warp and Force should meet with Michael at least once.

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Ron Gardner: Co-founder of BTTFT. Presently using Pattern 4 and 5 setups, as well as trend filtration using the legacy PowerZone indicator. Ron specializes in assisting traders develop a personalized trading plan that accommodates each trader's personality profile with mechanical rules and accountability. Traders who are in need of a discretion free plan and a discipline based approach to trading with BTTFT signals would benefit most from working with Ron.

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