Trading Freedom with the Flux

Trading Insights

Have you ever considered why people do the things they do?

I ask folks sometimes why they began day-trading, one typical answer is "freedom"  Do you have the freedom in your trading you thought you were going to have when you started? Lets think about this for a minute. Many day traders I talk to  are stressed and  in reaction mode all the time. Why? Well lets look at the typical trading mentality I come across.

Trader "x" has a theory (trading system) about the particular futures market he trades. He surmises that when the price action does that special thing, the "candle wiggle" lets call it, at a trend line then the market will repeat the same behavior he has observed many many times before. So he is always staring at the right candle on the chart, you know the one , the one that is still forming, the one that is going to do the "wiggle " that will lead to the home run trade he has been looking for all day...

Suddenly he sees the "wiggle", and the market is close the that magic trend line. Oh could this be the one, he has sat in front of the computer monitor all day, and now is the chance he has desperately waited for? Now, will he react the right way? Or will he make a hasty decision in this moment he has so longed for..

Sound familiar? It did to me,I have" been there and done that" as the expression would go. Not anymore, now I do not react to the ever changing market price conditions, now I wait like a hunter for the right time to strike. No longer "reacting" to just the price, but now "acting"with the current price  conditions at the right time of day. The Flux indicators give me the ability to look ahead and have an expectancy about the time that the market should move, or not move.

If you are a trend trader, and are looking to get into a move for a while, wouldn't you want to know that at this time of day, today, that the market typically goes into a choppy range?

This is the kind of information that the Flux indicator users have in advance, in fact , there are some Flux users that watch the indicator early in the morning or the day before,  then determine the time of day that they will show up to "work".... and then look for their candle to "wiggle", but they no longer  have to stare at the screen all day, anxiously wondering, whats next?

That's the Flux freedom!