For the past 15 years, we've brought an annual event to our customer family where we share the most advanced techniques available to optimize their time signal trading experience. 

This year, I had a epiphany. The type of discovery where you look around to see if anyone is watching you, and you turn your monitor ever so slightly in case anyone else can see what you've uncovered. The kind of breakthrough where your initial reaction is, "maybe I keep this one for myself." 

For years, we would also meet in person, and then COVID-19 happened, so we stopped. This year, we got the band back together and shared what I believe to be the most important discovery I've ever made. That includes Warp, Alpha, and Force. In fact - this discovery joins everything together. It's quite literally "Omnia," Latin for "everything."

For 15 years, I've been staring at the same time charts. Much like how I used to stare at these 3D Stereoscopic photographs in the 1980's. But for 15 years I never saw the photo inside the photo. I could only see the first layer of it all.

When you learn to see the image inside the image, your  brain (the reticular formation responsible for pattern recognition) can't "not" see it anymore. 

I thought the squiggly lines were the image. Warp. Patterns. Force. Sun and moon signals. I didn't see how it was all connected until early January of this year. 

Time doesn't care about my misperceptions. It just continues flowing, gently nudging me towards the truth of itself. And then one day you see a way of trading with time, that never occurred to you - and everything changes:
(this is a pre-release of the plug-in our programmer is building for the EDGE Omnia event.)

You see another (separate) completely new way of watching for large move time signals, where the potential risk gets smaller and smaller:

Omnia - the Theory of Everything - tells you when the trend is reversing. Using time signals in a way that was never apparent before:

I can't show more, without showing everything... And I won't show everything until I can explain everything and help you make the connections that took me 15 years. 

It took me two days to explain and teach it - and on the 3rd day I showed show live executions using it. 


The software performed incredibly (just as expected), and all of the event recordings and materials are queued for automatic delivery upon purchase.

Purchase includes Lifetime License for Omnia

One Time Purchase: $1745.00




TachEon EDGE 2024

Monday, April 15th    0800-1600 EDT w/lunch break 1200-1330

OMNIA training Day #1


Omnia Introduction
Our prior understanding of time signals (SWT + Punctures + Patterns)
Learning to use and draw splits on Nominal time charts
Creating and saving drawing tool templates
Exercise: Drawing splits on standard Warp / Force / Alpha Charts
Identifying patterns on splits (1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9) on Nominal time charts

13:30 -16:00:

Encountering the Orange Wave
Exercise: Identifying charts that are nominal vs revpol
What is the reason for the Orange Wave (cycles inside of cycles)? (HTF influence)
Review of the Head and Shoulders indicator / drawing tool (how do Warp signals react?)
Using the Best-Fit technique for identifying polarity of the main wave (*Group Exercise)


Tuesday, April 16th    0800-1600 EDT w/lunch break 1200-1330

OMNIA training Day #2


Completing the Wyckoff sequence with Omnia
Accumulation phase
Distribution phase
Identifying RASD (*Rapid Acceleration Sell Dot)
Identifying RDBD(*Rapid Deceleration Buy Dot)
Rules for trading RASD/RDBD as standalone setups


Plug in review – the dials and levers of the Omnia Plug In
Settings for the Warp Chart (TD vs CD)
Reviewing the known trade setups (beyond RASD/RDBD):
NQ5M SAR setup (the setup beyond the equity curve)
Amplifier Trade Setup
Signals with Trend (REV activated / Inactivated)
Wyckoff Trigger Reversal Setup
Wyckoff Trend Continuation Setup
Ron’s setups


Wednesday, April 17th    0800-1600  EDT w/lunch break 1200-1330

OMNIA training Day #3

Live trading of Omnia on all markets requested using the included Warp Plugin and the (3) trading setups taught at the event the (2) prior days. 

Here's the link again (which includes Lifetime License for Omnia)

One Time Purchase: $1745.00