Tacheon Time Warp

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The Time Warp (patent pending) is the only software in the world, that powerfully scans the historical data for any futures, Forex, equities, or commodities instrument...identifying the exact swing candles of the market in the past. Using a zig-zag or swing filter, users can send our trained algorithm backwards in time to identify recurring times that their market is moving lately...projecting those times into the future on the right side of the charts. 

Time Warp searches across thousands of historical bars in the past, identifying the exact bars of the important movement times that banks are pushing the markets, and begins collecting a behavioral history of the times most frequently used to push the market higher (buying pressure) and push the markets lower (selling pressure). The software then compiles the data into a predictive time line, warning when signals will be arriving in the future...to the right side of the chart so that traders can anticipate WHEN to watch for trades in the future.

In addition to seeing potential times in the future, traders have the ability for the first time to tell the program what size swings, what size zig-zag movements we should expect at the future predictive times:

If you'd like to know more about this powerful software, there are a few options.

First - I'd like to invite you to join us each week at our demonstration webinar:


Every week, I give out the forecasts for Wednesday and Thursday in the most popular futures and forex markets. Then, every Thursday we assemble together in a special webinar to see what actually happened at the predicted times to verify, with 100% transparency

Second, if you'd like personalized forecasts - as well as a one-on-one demonstration of how the software can help with your trading, I'd encourage you to make an appointment to meet:


Third, I'd encourage you to take our free Video Demonstration, to learn more about how banks are using time cycles against retail traders like you - and how those time cycles can be exposed: