Level The Trading Playing Field

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Most traders are taught to use lagging price, support, or volume indicators. These tools tell you what JUST HAPPENED. Is it any wonder why 90% of traders in the futures, Forex, equities, and commodities markets are failing?

The Guru Spiderweb

Most gurus and online vendors want you tethered to their chat rooms forever. They usually start by showing you how you can turn a small account into millions of dollars, if you'll only just follow them. Start with one lot....one contract....100 shares....and soon, maybe in a year, you'll be trading 100 lots, 100 contracts, and tens of thousands of shares.

And then, what happens next - you start "not getting it". Things they say don't make any sense. Trades they took yesterday, they don't take today or tomorrow. Setups and the rules that drive them have no boundaries. Trades you didn't even know they were in, they announce as winners. Trades you thought everyone was taking were proven to have never been entered into, or count against the official tally each week.

You start to feel guilty, and ask for some help. The "guru" tells you some more magical mysterious things with the admonition to "keep watching", and that most of his clients finally click 5 or 6 months into the program. And by the way, they're available for personal mentoring for even more money per month, where they will help you "get it" quicker. You pay the extra money, hoping that you'll have access to the secret knowledge you've been hoping to get a glimpse at, only to find at the end of the session that you've just been shown more mysterious techniques, that may or may not be used as the conditions set up, or don't set up, if they ever set up.


All the while, the people you trade against - are using computer trading servers the size of your office to move billions and trillions of dollars in and out of the markets. Those computers are programmed specifically to take the money out of the accounts of the many (that's you, by the way) and deposit it into the accounts of the few (that's them, by the way). They know where all your stops are, where all your targets are, and what it will take to entice you into a trade that you'll kick yourself hours later for having taken.

How do you stop the insanity of all this?

You come to accept a few fundamental truths about trading. Truths that we've heard from the "old timers" and pros that we work with, over and over and over.

First, it takes an average of 2-3 years to stop losing money. 3-5 to become net profitable.

Second, most pros use trading systems so simple, it would blow your mind. 2 indicators, 2 or 3 charts, tops.

Third, they would tell you to find a strategy that fits your personality type. What works for a guru, almost always won't make sense to you. You'll never trade it right.

Finally, they'd tell you that patience and discipline override the first three pieces of advice. That waiting for the setup...for ideal conditions to come along, is what allows them to be profitable and support themselves and their families.

Getting off of the roller coaster

That's where we come in.

We’ll show you how you can level the playing field, and trade when and where the Institutions trade, through powerful data mining tools that harness the power of your personal trading computer. The madness stops here, with the tools sitting on your computer and scanning the markets you trade for the ideal times - the times that the institutions usually move money into, and out of the markets.

We'll show you how to approach those times from several different trading personality strategies. Look at it from a trending, counter trending, scalping, or support and resistance rule set. Something that fits who you are, and what you fundamentally believe and see when you look at the charts.

Are there any good guru's out there. Admittedly, there are a handful. In the broad spectrum of things however, you'll have to wade through piles of the bad ones to get to the ones with good intentions. The lure of a recurring monthly payment is often times too much for a guru to walk away from. I believe many of them started out okay, and devolved out of frustration into the marketing machines that they've become, feeding off of the desperation of traders that just want a straight answer.

It's why we do what we do every day - and why we'll never forget that we were traders first, and why we've spent every minute of the last few years developing a tool that exposes what I believe to be one of the biggest weaknesses of the institutions we all trade against.

To learn more about the tools, and you can use them to level both the Guru playing field, and the trading playing field, enter your real name and email address and click subscribe in the box on the right side of the page.