Logik Dynamic Range Compute

The Logik Dynamic Range Size Compute Indicator is a virtual “transmission” in the engine of Range Bar Trading. Pure Logik has developed an on the razor’s edge algorithm that identifies the optimal range – the upper and lower thresholds open for input in the Logik Dynamic Range Bar parameters.
These optimal ranges identify the volatility speed that Institutions and Algorithms are playing and trading within.

Logik Dynamic Range Compute 1


Identify markets in your risk profile:

The Dynamic Range Size Compute indicator can also identify markets whose risk tolerance is more acceptable for smaller retail investors. If your maximum risk tolerance is 5-6 ticks, then you can cycle through the indices until you identify a market whose lower threshold falls near that tolerance:

Logik Dynamic Range Compute 2


This methodology is especially useful for newer traders that historically enter an extremely volatile marketplace with stop losses that are far under what the volatility profile of that market requires. It’s equally powerful for traders that follow a trend trading methodology that historically encounter an inverted risk to reward profile and are seeking to minimize their trade risks as low as possible prior to starting each session and entering the markets

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