Flux Volume Vacuum

Flux Volume Vacuum


Bullish and bearish divergence signals can be used to anticipate a trend reversal. These signals are truly based on the theory that volume precedes prices. A bullish divergence forms when on volume moves higher or forms a higher low even as prices move lower or forge a lower low. A bearish divergence forms when volume moves lower or forms a lower low even as prices move higher or forge a higher high. The divergence between volume and price should alert traders that a price reversal could be in the making.

This indicator can be used directionally with trend entry signals, or as an indicator to determine profit targets when strength is weakening and hidden buying/hidden selling is occurring. What makes the Volume Vacuum especially interesting to us is the apparent ability of this technique to work on both non-time frame (renko, range, tick) bars as well as minute bars. We didn't expect this phenomenon to occur, based on our observation of our other trigger indicators like the Broadhead. One aspect of this indicator that increases accuracy is the duration of the bar being measured. The longer the period of volume included in the calculation, the more volume patterns there are to analyze for divergent indications.

Here's a great video, explaining the features of the Volume Vacuum - 

From our experience using this tool, the Volume Vacuum will almost always precede a Flux Time Cycle Marker, indicating before the time that the Institutions are preparing to move by shuffling their volume around before the drop or the next push up.

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