FLUX Velocity

Flux Velocity

The single most important tool in the Flux Power Pack, and by far the most powerful - now sold separately for the first time ever!

This tool tells traders at the beginning of each trading session what the OPTIMAL tick, range, volume, and minute bar are to trade that day. If traders could measure the speed of the markets with a "radar gun", the Flux Velocity would allow them to shift up, and shift down, like a trading "transmission" to keep in step with the market volatility. By being dynamic, and having the optimal values to trade in the market, the trader assures themselves that they are not standing still with fixed targets and stops that will be completely ineffective in a new market volatility condition.

* Tracks market volatility as the market "expands" and "contracts"
* Displays optimum TICK, RANGE, VOLUME, & TIME bar before each market session
* Works in both Futures, and Forex Markets
* Allows traders trading systems to expand and contract with the market so stops and targets are fluid vs. static
* Dynamically adjusts with Institutional volatility

$495.00 USD One Time Purchase