Flux Trading Indicators...experience it for yourself

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I'll never forget the first day that I turned the Flux trading indicators on. I was watching the Emini S&P with my trading partner of 4 years. We'd seen every system under the sun, and spent countless hours at the feet of nearly every guru in the trading world. It always ended the same way. Dissappointment. Grief. Cloak and dagger secrets. Most of what we saw was just a rehash of something we'd seen a hundred times before.

But this day was different. These trading indicators were special.

These trading indicators were literally telling me when I should expect the market to go up, and when I should expect it to go down. How long it should go up, and how long it should go down. Not only that, but the turning times for the next several hours...several days, in succession.

And so we sat there, waiting about 20 minutes for the next turning point cycle to arrive. I remember thinking to myself, "this is crazy...I'm starting to feel stupid waiting like this". Ron just sat quietly on the other side of my Skype call...watching, and waiting.

And then, on the 20th minute, the candle started going crazy. Where the market was consolidating, and at a veritable stand still...at the exact minute...the exact second, on a weird time like 11:07, the Emini S&P shot up like a rocket, bar after bar after bar. As though it had been waiting 20 minutes to do that very thing.

I said to Ron, almost whispering at that point,

"Did you see what I just saw?"

He said quietly back to me over the headset,


I said, a little agitated, a little nervously,

"I think my software is broken, or I'm not reading this right".

He said,

".......nope..........software is working. Nothing wrong on my side."

I couldn't believe it. I almost wouldn't let myself believe it. And as the two of us sat there for the next 3-4 hours watching cycle after cycle play out live in front of us, I'll never forget thinking how I'd never believe in a random market again...feeling completely foolish for ever thinking that this was a fair game. That day...those signals...change the way I'd look at trading forever, and mark the beginning of a company that would change the lives of going on 500 traders in every major market on every continent of the globe.

We've shown this software to newbie traders, and 40 year CME member veterans. Traders with 'tried and true' strategies, and traders looking to build strategies from scratch. I've worked with partner vendors who sell every type of software and system and after it all I've come to a singular conclusion. Time is the universal "glue" that binds us together. There is no market I've found, no trading approach that doesn't benefit from studying these patterns and applying them strategically in every market. All of the trading indicators I'd worked with til that point were woefully inadequate relative to what we'd discovered.

So far, we've looked at:

  • All the major equities
  • All the major indices and futures
  • All the major Forex pairs
  • All the major commodities
  • All the major ETF's
  • Every time frame from 10 tick up through 4 and 8 hour bars

Whenever I think we've pushed the tool too far, or we've reached a limit we can't surpass, or thought there's nothing left to learn about timing - no more features to add or innovate - we discover something completely new and exciting.

There's a progression here that I'd like you to follow. It's the most successful way I know to expose you to the tools and the trading indicators, so you can begin to understand how they work and what we've discovered since that first day Ron and I sat staring at the screen with our mouths hanging open. We've come pretty far in the past few years, and I want you to see how all the pieces come together for the most unusual and unique trading tool you've never seen...