• Institutional Class Trading Software:
    See the markets as they really are. Powerful indicators show you what's happening "behind the curtain". You'll level the field - and own the same tools they do.

  • Timing is Everything:
    Powerful data mining indicators scan across thousands of historical price bars on your computer and project market turns and reversals to the second, days and hours before the move - with 65-70%+ accuracy.

  • Confluence:
    You'll change from a "reaction" trader to a "pro-active" trader. You'll know when to be sitting and watching for the confluence of your confirmation tools, and when to walk away and do something else - avoiding the traps, stop runs, and chop designed to kill your account.

  • Relax and Breathe:
    Tacheon traders report a sense of calm and expectancy, a sense of "knowing what's about to happen". Allowing them to breathe, relax, and make sound confident trading decisions based on logic, not panic.

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