TachEon Aurora Subscription

Multiple subscription offers for this TimeWarp Plug-In!

Tacheon Aurora is a powerful signal laboratory plug in for Warp, which provides additional functionality for higher level trade analysis and execution. 

Using Aurora, customers are able to:

a. Determine the most accurate predictive time settings for the market they are trading
b. Monitor the accuracy and health of their parameter settings in real time in dashboard mode
c. Real time on chart trading signals for the, "Signal with Trend", "Puncture," "Crossover," and the "Pattern 4/5 Inversion" trades. 
d.  See the PRICE PROJECTIONS at each time signal....WHERE the market is most likely to go at that time, based on recurring historical patterns
e. Real time RISK:REWARD ratio display for active risk management
f. Direct OUTPUT to Excel file for rapid visualization of trading strategies and equity curves
g. On screen maximum favorable excursion / adverse excursion studies for chosen indicator parameters

Using Aurora - Warp users have access to a semi-automatic trade systems with on screen signals they can test and chart for more confidence while trading:

Tacheon Aurora Output


Here's a typical "one monitor" snapshot showing the Aurora signals, the output test trades, and the resulting equity curve:



Want to learn more about how Aurora can elevate your investment in Warp? Watch our offering video HERE:




  • BEST VALUE!!  
  • 12 month block of live access
  • Equates to approx. $249 per month.
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3 Months

$995/3 months
  • 3 month block of live access
  • Equates to approx. $330 per month
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  • "Pay per month" subscription with no multi-month commitment
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