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Time and price prediction methods and techniques for trading the futures, forex, equities, and commodities markets are possible now using the full processing power of your trading computer. Time and price predictions, as a concept, have been discussed for the last 100 years, and were probably made most famous by the trader, WD Gann - whose study of the market "vibrations" led him to conclusively believe that both things were accurately predictable. Listen to his quotation from his Time Cycle Forecasting course,

"TIME is the most important factor in determining market movements and by studying the past records of the averages of individual stocks you will be able to prove for yourself that history does repeat and that by knowing the past you can tell the future. … There is a definite relation between TIME and PRICE..."

What most traders who are looking for time and price confluence in their trading don't realize, is that you don't have to study Gann for dozens of years to decipher his cryptic writings. Time and price predictions and confluence points are discoverable, with a haunting accuracy - through data mining algorithms programmed into Tradestation, NinjaTrader, and Metatrader.

See these time and price predictions on this Emini S&P Chart, and quickly determine where the time and price predictions "intersect"

Time and price predictions

time and price predictions aligned on the emini S&P

Do you see around 1403, where we are coming into the red lines, at the same exact moment we are getting a signal ?

The red lines, are Flux FPC lines, and tell us the "Price" of the time and price prediction component. It is a measurement of hundreds of pivots at that price, over an analysis of thousands of historical bars. But the good news is that this time and price prediction - is based entirely on the work of your computer, using your software's data mining algorithm. The other good news is that these levels are available to us, long before the market opens. You can use the time and price predictions- and anticipate them - vs. reacting to levels on the fly and in the market that may , or may not, be significant.

If you take one last look at that chart - do you see how you can define your risk, and your reward, at the time and price prediction point? Where they intersect, can you see yourself saying the following,

"The price should not go any farther than HERE"....

"The market should go down, NOW...and not continue upwards".

This prevents you from making bad subjective decisions in the moment - and encourages you to make the market "give you" the conditions you want - where the time and price predictions are aligned like planets, and the water is as safe as it's going to be to get in...

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