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This package of critically acclaimed indicators for NinjaTrader, Tradestation, and MT4 is specifically designed for use intraday - for traders that are analyzing time frames from 1 minute to 4 hour bars in futures, forex, and equities positions. If your'e not holding positions past the market close each day, this it the analysis tool for you.

The Flux™ Professional Package will let you use advanced data mining techniques to analyze the highest probability times a market has the greatest probability of moving, in addition to finding the price levels that have a higher probability of becoming support and resistance in the future... Learn More -->

$2495.00 USD

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The Investor Class bundle is a comprehensive package of analysis indicators for traders who trade intraday, as well has hold longer positions that can last 3-5 days or longer. Investor has all of the tools of the Professional package, plus a suite of specialized indicators designed for EOD (end of day) bar analaysis.

Using predictive pattern analysis, the Investor Class like it's little brother the Professional Package, is designed to help the trader discover the higher probability market times where moves are most likely to occur using advanced data mining techniques that scan repetitive historical time and price patterns.  Learn More -->

$3495.00 USD


Flux Warehouse



Fractal Pivot Confluence (FPC)

Fpc lines 70 This data mining indicator scans thousands of historical bars to reveal the most statistically relevant support and resistance levels of your market [This indicator comes pre-bundled in the Flux™ Professional/Investor]. Learn More -->

$495.00 USD

Flux™ Broadhead Elite

radar The world's most powerful and accurate 'on bar close' reversal indicator finds market reversals and trend pullbacks with haunting accuracy [This indicator comes pre-bundled in the Flux™ Professional/Investor]. Learn More -->

$495.00 USD

Flux™ Trend-Stalker Elite

radar This dynamic trend capturing tool adapts in real time to market volatility with active trail stops and targeting for optimal trend following [This indicator comes pre-bundled in the Flux™ Professional/Investor]. Learn More -->

$495.00 USD


Prophet Viewer

radar The most powerful strategy testing module for NinjaTrader users requires no familiarity with complicated strategy programming. Learn More -->

$749.00 USD



Partner Tools Flux Synergy

Logik Ultimate Renko

radar The bar type is the most powerful and popular of all the Logik bars. Unparalleled in power, and screen simplicity. Our #1 top seller. Learn More -->

$269.00 USD

Logik Ultimate Size Compute

radar This artificially intelligent indicator advises you what Ultimate Renko brick settings are optimal for use in matching market volatility. Learn More -->

$195.00 USD

Logik Dynamic Range

radar This bar is an 'all terrain' range bar with variable transmission, shifting range sizes automatically up and down intelligently during trading. Learn More -->

$275.00 USD

Logik Dynamic Range Compute

radar Pro-Logik indicator intelligence advises the maximum and minimum bar size for the Dynamic Range subroutines based on transient market volatility. Learn More -->

$195.00 USD

Logik Hybrid Renko

radar This bar type eliminates all market noise through a dual function filtration method that results in zero-lag bars with the coded trend revealed. Learn More -->

$275.00 USD

Logik HD Volume Scanner

radar This bleeding edge indicator allows traders to decode and analyze critical multiple market distribution areas intraday showing POC/VAL/VAH... Learn More -->

$495.00 USD

Logik Bar Radar

radar An "electron microscope" for traders which reveals real-time critical distribution at a never before seen bar level of price action. Learn More -->

$395.00 USD

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  • I thought you all were very professional, very polite and extremely eager to help me, I did not see anyone else do this on the internet. You guys helped me build my confidence, in fact you were the first and I thought all vendors were like you, but when I began saving up and buying other vendors software I realized they were shams, or had little or not support...I found that the software was always consistent and constant in its performance...I would recommend [the] software to people..

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    Murtaza / Futures Trader
    Murtaza / Futures Trader
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    Brian S. / Forex Trader
    Brian S. / Forex Trader