Most people start out using the free Ninjatrader indicators that come with their platform, only to find that many of them are either too lagging, or too “simple” to use in any robust trading plan. In 2008, we decided that in order to compete with algorithmic traders, and professional institutions with trading computers, we would have to begin to separate ourselves from conventional Ninjatrader indicators, and popular Ninjatrader indicators vendors and begin developing our own tools that were based on things we were actually seeing happening in the markets.

One of the most important discoveries was the Flux Histogram tool in our Ninjatrader indicator arsenal, shown here:

This tool was designed to study the historical price bars of any instrument, between a 1 minute and a 240 minute time frame and search for recurring time based price movements in any market. We compared the leading results of this tool against other Ninjatrader indicators, and were surprised to see that the software was able to reveal trades that were coming – trades that hadn’t happened yet – but had a high likelihood of happening based on their tendency to appear at certain times, on certain days. We discovered the shift that everyone in the trading communities had noticed – that the “humans” were no longer trading the large institutional accounts. Humans that used to used conventional style Ninjatrader indicators were now passing that authority over to trading computers loaded with powerful programs and algorithms. The institutional traders, the “humans”, men and women that were previously using tools such as RSI, Fibonacci retracements, Stochastics, and other similar tools like those found in