FORCE is the sum total of 10 years, and over 10,000 hours of market screen time. 

FORCE cannot be shown. It can only be taught. 

When you are done with our 2 day intensive, hands on workshop - you will be able to find the resonant frequency of any market, on any time frame, and predict the move times and dates into the future indefinitely, without the aid of any software.



You will be provided with a computer workstation pre-loaded with NinjaTrader and all curriculum workspaces for each of the workshop classes. 

Upon completion of the workshops, you will have the full knowledge of all methods available to the founders of

You will also have completed resonant workspaces for every market you trade, optimized in the workshops across the 2 days. 

Note: If you cannot attend the workshop in person, you can attend virtually via GoToWebinar - or in a private 1:1 GoToMeeting 2 days of your choice. 


(NOTE: A non-disclosure agreement is required to attend the workshop and must be signed on site prior to first class)

I have assembled the testimonials from the prior students in FORCE starting from the beginning in 2017.  We're hosting our fourth workshop now in 2019.

These individuals are willing to discuss their experiences with any student who is seriously considering attending the workshop. 

Allan, Force 1.0


Sam, Force 1.5


Tim, Force 1.0


Bob, Force 1.0


Gig, Force 1.0


Juan, Force 1.0


Ron, Force 1.0


Drew, Force 1.0


[Prefers to remain Anonymous], Force 1.0



Gary W


 If you would like to know more information about scheduling a personal FORCE workshop, or what's involved, please schedule an appointment to meet with me at your earliest convenience. 

Any of these traders who've taken FORCE with me are also available to speak to, if you require an email/telephone exchange prior to making a decision.


Meet and greet Sunday, December 1st


price: $9,997.00

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