FORCE is the sum total of 10 years, and over 10,000 hours of market screen time. 

FORCE cannot be shown. It can only be taught. 

After 10 years of studying time cycles in trading, I had a revelation.

It directly related to Gann's resonance theory of vibration in markets...that is to say, I learned how to "tune" any market or time frame, to find the resonant frequency using what I had discovered from 2008 to 2018. 

According to Gann, 

"By knowing the exact vibration of each individual stock, I am able to determine at what point each will receive support and what point the greatest resistance is to be met",

as well as,

"Stocks, like atoms, are really centers of energies; therefore they are controlled mathematically.....By my method, I can determine the vibration of each stock and by also taking certain time values into consideration, I can in the majority of cases tell exactly what the stock will do under given conditions. "

Markets, like every form of matter in the universe, have a resonance. A frequency that they oscillate at, at steady state conditions. 

It's very similar to this experiment, where someone breaks a wine glass, using only their voice - and finding the resonant "note" of the glass. 

Using this concept, we have been able to tune markets with students, ranging from 9 second emini Nasdaq charts, up through daily and weekly charts for stocks and forex pairs - with equally successful results. 

It is my personal belief, that Gann's theories were overly complicated, having no access to modern day computers and processors. 

Many of his teachings are nearly impossible to accurately translate easily to traders, and/or use in a meaningful way consistently.

After 13 years, I was able to fully understand what drove markets - and how TIME and ENERGY were linked. I wrote about it here, in this booklet:

The Force technique was specifically designed to be "weaponized". Immediately deployable for trading signals, without intense theoretical journeys. 

It is, perfect.  I have not found anything more accurate than Force, with regards to time signals. 

Force provides the time a move is most likely to start.

It provides the price it is most likely to arrive at, before its time cycle is over. 

It provides the price level it is most likely to find the most support, and the most resistance, and the target it is most likely to hit. 

Force, is incredible, and one of our highest rated programs.

It also includes our three energy based indicators - Tacheon Orion, Tacheon DCM, and Tacheon Solar Cycles. 

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I have assembled the testimonials from the prior students in FORCE starting from the beginning in 2017.  

These individuals are willing to discuss their experiences with any student who is seriously considering attending the workshop. 

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