has a decade's old history of using modern trading computer processing power to mine trading data for the times banks are most likely to push markets up and down into the future. We started analyzing patterns on lower time frames historically used for day trading initially in 2008, but over time had requests from more and more traders for tools which scanned larger horizons and time frames. It was then we began developing our "End of Day" series of analysis tools. These tools would allow traders to study the effects of astronomical forces on mass market psychology and predict the effects of these causations on the markets they traded. 


Gann had this to say about his methodology...a formula that we follow, and which works, over a century later:


Studying the past records

TACHEON ALPHA is comprised of 3 "cause and effect" analyses whose dates and effects can be easily projected days, weeks, and months into the future for traders looking for buy and hold strategies that fall into the category of swing or position trading. 


DAILY CYCLE MARKERS : A four phase indicator that predicts major trending points, as well as highly accurate momentum surge dates

ORION :  A 180 degree phase indicator that predicts swing highs or lows lasting 2-3 weeks, with dates projected up to 1 month in the future.  

SOLAR CYCLES :  Our largest horizon analysis tool, allowing movement predictions ranging from days to years. 


Join a live webinar each Tuesday night to see the 3 components of TACHEON ALPHA in more detail:

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These tools will help you understand that markets are not "random" in the classical sense. That there are external forces that affect our environment. That people react predictable in certain environmental conditions, and that if you know the dates of those environmental changes in can have an edge. 


TIME. It's all about time. In this case, longer term position horizons. Perfect for Forex, Equities, Options, and ETF management. 

And we can help you, if that's what you're looking for. 


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