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If you own any tools that contain a TachEon Setup Key parameter, enter the following code:
*Important: this activation key is private and unique to you! Please do not share it with anyone or it could affect your personal use of the indicator.
For all other indicators, follow these steps right away:
1)  Go to your NinjaTrader 8 Control Center --> Help --> 3rd party licensing
2)  For “Vendor name”, insert:  BackToTheFutureTrading
3)  For “User defined ID”, insert your email address without the extra characters (like @ or . symbols)
      Example: "" becomes "firstlastdomaincom"
4)  Hit the “Submit” button
5)  Copy and paste the entire strand and send directly to
6)  Restart NinjaTrader

The latest versions of your software can always be accessed HERE

We offer a personalized, one-on-one service for full software installation and indicator functionality verification.
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Before proceeding, verify that you are running the latest version of the software (see Software Links)


Time Warp:

- "Data Shortage" i.e. insufficient historical data. To correct this:

  • Navigate to the chart's Data Series window and increase the "days to load" parameter.
    Suggested amount for intraday charts: 30 days.
  • If that doesn't work, navigate to your computer's Documents --> NinjaTrader 8 --> "db" folder. Select and delete the "cache" folder, then reload your NinjaTrader chart.
    *Important: do not change anything else inside of the "db" folder.

- Market Pattern Numbers:


Daily Cycle Markers:

  • Verify the tool has been loaded on a daily chart in recent weeks. This is required at least once each month for the ability to load on intraday charts.
    *Good Practice: Keep a daily chart open with the Daily Cycle Markers indicator loaded for each market that you watch, and save them as part of your workspace.



If a loaded lines file template won't print lines and displays a red box in the panel, the cause is from a lack of chart data reaching the template's anchor point. To fix:

  • Navigate to your chart's Data Series (Ctrl+F) and increase the "Days to load" until the Force lines appear.
  • Select "update" from the "Anchors" section of the Force user interface (bottom right side of the chart)
  • Save the Lines file so it references the current contract

Time Warp:

- Time Stamp Placement:

  • If using the Volatility Stop Offset, then the "TimeStamp Offset Multiple with Volatility Stop" parameter will adjust the placement based on volatility. Increase the multiplier number to increase the distance.
    Screenshot example:
  • If NOT using the Volatility Offset, the placement setting is nestled in the Signal Accessory Editor -->  "Time Stamp" dropdown, and it's the "Time-Stamp Offset (ticks)" number.
    Screenshot example:

- Activating Market Pattern Numbers

We offer personalized, one-on-one mentoring to assist with myriad of requests, including but not limited to:

- Software calibration specific to your charts and trading plan
- Money management coaching
- Trading plan construction and/or tweaking, with trade rules and entries that are specific to your TachEon software.

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This video explains how to access market forecasts using the TimeWarp indicator:

Download the workspace used in the presentation, HERE
(reference the video above for instructions on how to load the workspace)

To remove any 3rd party software from NinjaTrader, navigate to the NT8 Control Center --> Tools -->
"Remove NinjaScript Assembly..." Select the tool(s) you wish to uninstall, then select "Remove". NinjaTrader will confirm when the process is complete.

This process is useful if there are installed tools that you no longer use, or aren't licensed for.

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