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TachEon Trend-Stalker Elite

Capture, display, and harvest the trend of any market you trade

  • ATR based model flexes with the market to determine trend change directions
  • Three trending modes, including ATR, Dual Thrust, and Adaptive
  • Choose from the following moving TREND average modes: EMA,SMA,SMMA,HMA,WMA,VMA,TEMA
  • Indicator automatically paints candles customized colors to reflect aggressive / long term trend changes
  • Automatically displays optional / user definable ATR based targets
  • Allows the capture of short term profits with long term trail stop potential
  • Works on all time frames, from small tick and range bars up through daily, weekly, and monthly bars

ATR Targeting

  • User definable ATR targets allow objective "decision-less" trading as targets adapt to market volatility

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Customers have combined this tool with:

  • TachEon TimeWarp
  • Logik Ultimate Renko Bars
  • TachEon Broadhead Elite Entries with trend filter = "on"
  • First Generation Flux tool: Power Zone Trend Time Cycle Markers


unity, in diversity

  • A flexible, responsive, trading work horse for capturing maximum profits from moves
  • Number one most downloaded 'a la carte' BTTFT Indicator of all time
  • Works seamlessly with nearly every other BTTFT indicator and trading methodology

$195.00 USD / per month