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“New” TachEon PowerZones

The newly created TachEon PowerZones is the premier tool for assisting in identifying projected market trend directions and durations on intraday charts. Accurately identifying the time of the day for trend reversals on price bar charts up to a 60 minute, this tool helps keep you on the right side of the larger market moves. 

  • The Zones projected in advance on the price bars alert the user as to the direction the market will most likely go and how much time is left before the next major reversal. 

  • Tops and Bottoms of the zones also make for significant support and resistance areas where price will often bounce.

  • Because of the nature of the PowerZones, the closer price is to the opposite side of a projected Zone, the lower the overall risk. We look for lower risk opportunities at these price points. 

  • Can be used to Identify trends in conjunction with any other indicators.

  • Used exclusively for identification of trend direction in the TimeWarp Pro-Training room.


Here's are two short videos to demonstrate:
Video 1: Common Ways to Identify Trends

Video 2: TachEon Powerzone Trend Indicator




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