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TachEon Fractals

Uncover the true and hidden support & resistance levels of the markets

  • Set the time you want to re-start your study each trading day
  • Set however many bars you want the software to mine the historical data (5,000 bars, default)
  • Set the "significance" value, or height of the pivot swings you want to search for
  • Set the filter percentage, i.e, the top "X" percent of pivots (0.2 "20%" default)
  • Set the projected pivot line importance as "width" (thicker), "opacity" (brighter), or "both"
  • Apply the indicator multiple times, referencing higher time frames

Predictive Price Action

  • These horizontal lines represent the pivots most likely to cause price to bounce, again
  • Clusters of support or resistance reinforce a trading position and provide additional confluence (5,000 bars, default)
  • The distance between lines allows traders to quickly evaluate the available risk to reward ratio
  • Prevents traders from overemphasizing local pivots as opposed to battle hardened pivots with hundreds of bounces


  • 'To the tick' entries and exits
  • Quickly evaluate areas of potential congestion (multiple lines) and areas of trend ("line free" price zones)
  • Qualify trades by the thickness/opacity of the relative support and resistance levels
  • Set price alarms to sound when the market is near relevant areas to prevent overtrading
  • Set the "recalculate" value to "0" to constantly update new "top gun" pivot prices

$195.00 USD, per month