What Are We All About

BackToTheFutureTrading.com was not something any of us here set out to do, originally. We didn’t wake up one day and say to ourselves, “hey, how do we cash in on all these desperate day traders?”. We didn’t look around at Traders International and their business model, or research affiliate plans. We’d spent much of our trading lives despising online gurus. The last thing we ever wanted to become was a “vendor” of trading systems, or education, or indicators.

Every week, I get to prove “Bigfoot” exists. I send out what Warp has found is most likely to happen again in the futures, Forex, commodities, equities,  ETF, and bond markets. We go back 24, 48 hours later and see what happens. Hundreds of webinars later, I don’t even draw on my trading charts anymore. I simply ask people that attend the webinars one question,

“Did the turning point times we were watching in these markets actually produce pivot highs and pivot lows in the markets that we were watching, a statistically significant number of times?”

The answer, in my recent memory, has always been “Yes”.  And that “Yes” gives me permission to teach people about a tool that has the potential to literally transform their lives.

We love what we do. And if we ever start acting like the other vendors – the other trading gurus and vendors that treat traders and investors like their own personal “blood bank” – we’ve agreed to recognize it, and close up the company. The day we wake up and care more about profits and less about people – the humans that come to us looking for help – will be the day we stop doing this.

Until then – it’s been quite a ride. Our family is 500+ people strong now. We’re small – but we’re mighty – and that’s the way we like it.