We'll be taking an hour the first day to do a concentrated review session. We could call this time together the "everything you need to know about time cycle trading in 60 minutes" course portion of the event. This class is for newer users, as well as advanced users alike. We've found that repeating the most important precepts of TIME trading always invokes an "aha" moment for everyone in attendance, no matter how long they have been using the software.  

During this time, we'll be reviewing the most important parameters of the TIME series of indicators - including FLUX, PRIME, WARP, ORION, and DAILY CYCLE MARKERS tools providing an advanced understanding of what these tools are providing so far as relevant information is concerned.  This review session will also lay the foundation for the next course and workshop - the Tacheon Scorecard. 



For the past 10 years, there has been an idea. This idea took a backseat to all of the other ideas, but I never let it “gather dust”. In fact, this one idea scared me, as to execute it properly would require more computing power than anything we’d ever built before.

“Maybe we can rent space on the Amazon or Google computer server”, I would tell Ron as we sat somewhere eating lunch together. Ron would raise his eyebrow like ‘Spock’ in some Star Trek episode, implying that while the idea was in many ways unrealistic, there was an element of possibility to it.
Fast forward to today. To the TACHEON SCORECARD.

For years, we’ve given traders the flexibility to change virtually every parameter of their tools in the search for productive and accurate time cycles. What we’ve never done, is create a tool that told them if their settings were the BEST settings. Or better than others. We’ve never created a forum where people could test their ideas, and then share the results of their experiment with other customers, trading the same instruments they trade.

In this 2018 EDGE event in Las Vegas – we’ll be introducing SCORECARD to all virtual and live attendees, and demonstrating how the new indicator leverages the power of your trading computer to provide a measurement of accuracy for your TIME parameter settings. We’ll also be providing an online real time forum where we and other customers can upload their most accurate TIME settings to the EDGE Scorecard group.

During this workshop, we will work with each student to load SCORECARD on the market and time frame of their choice. We’ll demonstrate 2 methods of measurement….the “Long Horizon” method, as well as the “Short Horizon Matrix” method which will allow customers to quickly identify optimal TIME parameter values based on science and statistics, as opposed to “gut instincts” or “that’s just the value I’ve always used” logic.

We will be optimizing settings on popular markets like the Emini S&P, EURUSD, CL, and GC – and building / back testing trading setups around these settings that demonstrate pre-and post-analysis efficacy.

* Attendees should have access to a PC or Laptop at the event to take advantage of the live workshop exercises



After 10 years of studying TIME, I am beginning to see things, and discover properties of TIME. Most importantly, how TIME is not some invisible thing that passes by fluidly in front of us…but a material. A material like water. Water freezes at 32 degrees F, boils at 212 degrees F, evaporates, changes from solid to liquid to gas – it has known properties and laws that it must obey, based on its material properties.

I want to teach you properties of TIME that will allow you to see signals on your FLUX, and TACHEON charts that are there, but just below the surface. 

Click here for an example of a signal

If you are a trend trader, my FISSURES methodology will allow you to find about twice the number of trend entries, based on TIME.
Same thing if you are a counter trend, or support and resistance trader. We’ve found a way to effectively double the number of qualified signals per chart, on each time frame you’re presently examining – exploiting recently discovered properties of TIME.

I believe the FISSURES methodology, once mastered – provides an on ramp to total immersion on any chart, with regards to TIME. That is to say – you’ll be more in tune with every movement each session than ever before possible.



I have been developing my BAROMETER methodology since just after last year’s EDGE event. It’s about 1 year in the making.
As many of you know, I have been using 2 indicators on my live charts now for a number of years. One of our TIME indicators (Flux, Prime, Warp), and a 120 period Exponential Moving Average. For about 3 years, I’ve been looking to eliminate this last lagging indicator in my quest for a lag free trading environment. At this year’s EDGE conference, I’ll present my findings to you.

I’ll show you how we are going to use TIME to do two things:

First, we’ll use TIME to establish the TREND in relation to nothing but TIME. I’ll teach you how to spot trend reversals in real time, without any lag. See trend reversal signals in real time many many bars before the EMA reverses.

Second, and most important – I’ll show you how to filter your current TIME signals in a new way.

Using my BAROMETER methodology, you can use TIME signals to filter your predictive times, knowing which times are higher probability than others, and possibly even larger movements than other time signals. Using the BAROMETER method filters about 1/3rd of the existing TIME signals away on every chart I’ve tested so far….boiling away potentially bad trade time windows.
I’ll present two methodologies for trading using the barometer technique.

During the workshop, we’ll be going through the setups one at a time, and keeping track of the results to build a back tested database in the markets you trade so that you can go home and test the setups immediately. 



In our final session, I'll be revealing the latest research project Ron and I have conducted. I'll admit - it's pretty far out there. 

As many of you know - I teach that market participants are reacting to changes in their external environment. 

I've logged celestial influences with ORION and DAILY CYCLE MARKERS and SOLAR CYCLE indicators to prove this long term.

I've logged intermediate intraday signals using NOAA Satellite data, charting deltas in the Earth's electric and magnetic fields - and shown how markets move at peaks and valleys of these fields.

But I've never measured real time responses in the human mind.

Can you trade, using brain waves?

Does the human brain have a "tell" there a way to measure internally, how you're responding to what's happening externally?

There is an answer, and it will surprise you. (it still freaks me out).

We'll show you how to use a commercially available EEG device to display brainwaves -and what happens when we chart those signals in real time (like a "brain MACD") - comparing those signals to market movements and reversals. 

My intention is to time this session during live market hours, and show these signals in real time, so that people can "sim trade" the "brain" signals. 

There is an extremely practical side to this application, as I'll demonstrate during the event. 

I can guarantee, based on what we've seen firsthand - you won't forget what I teach during this session....ever. 





I have been working on a theory now for the past 2 years.

When will the market correction come?

I think I have an answer.

I’ve been researching data going back to the Stock Market Crash in the 30’s, using every technique and method at my disposal….everything. And several months ago I had an “epiphany”. When I first named my theory, and told it to Ron, I felt stupid. I called it, “Wake the Baby”. (when you hear the technique and the theory, you’ll understand why the name).

This technique I’m about to teach you is useful for any market – futures, forex, stocks – bonds. All of it. I’ll show you the cause and effect relationship that drives recessions and corrections in the world, and how to accurately identify market reversals long before the correction occurs, within several months of accuracy across years. The method is based on Gann’s vibrational theory, his theory of cause and effect relationships – and I’ll be demonstrating the technique in full across the course of this workshop.


I was working with a trader about 6 months ago – and he asked me if the software we develop (PRIME, WARP, FLUX) was able to accurately predict “chop” in the market. I thought about it, and the answer I gave him wasn’t my usual ‘knee jerk’ reaction. Normally I would say something intelligent about reading the histogram …looking for consolidation there where all the little signals “jammed up”.

Instead, I had another realization about time – and discovered something that had been staring me in the face for 10 years. When I show it to you, it will make perfect sense. Somehow though, I wasn’t ready to see it until year 10.

I call this segment “Gear Change”, because once you understand the method, you’ll be able to change gears between trading methods. You can go from a trend trading system (like the “Caveman”) to a countertrend trading system (like the “Stoplight”) without deploying any discretion. You can go from one system to the other, or simply stop trading the one or the other depending on the existence of the “chop” window.

This method allows you to accurately predict market chop windows without discretion – in a way that allows for rules development and deployment. It took me 10 years to understand the mechanics of it – and I’m anxious to tell you what I’ve discovered in this powerful VIP Edge event.


Event details:

This seminar will be limited to the first 30 registrants. Lunch will be provided to all registrants on both March 26th and 27th at one of the amazing local restaurants. All registrants will receive a 10% discount at the Downtown Grand by asking for the "TachEon EDGE" event. This rate does not include tax nor the current Grand Experience Fee charged at check in.  Classes will start 8:30 local time and end no later than 5:00pm local time with a 90 minute break for lunch at 12:00. Each session will be recorded, and a copy of the recording will be provided to the attendees within 14 days after the event's conclusion. Door prizes will be awarded throughout the sessions across Monday and Tuesday. Virtual attendees will receive everything that physical attendees will receive, with the exception of lunch and networking opportunities.

Door prizes? Yes. We'll be giving away copies of software as well as other gifts and goodies throughout the session with all registrants - virtual and physically present, eligible (sorry, no spouse participation!)

Spouses: Please bring your special "+1" spouse. After registering, please email us to alert us if you're bringing your spouse so we can plan accordingly.

Weather: Las Vegas weather in March is generally in the mid 70s F

What is the dress code? The dress code for all EDGE events is casual. This includes conference sessions as well as the networking times. Feel free to leave the ties at home. We do suggest you bring a sweater or dress in layers, as the conference room temperatures can swing pretty low when the AC comes on.

What about lunches? Lunch is on us! We reserve seats at a wonderful local restaurant for all the Flux traders and their wives.

What should I bring to the conference? Bring a laptop or other mobile device where you can follow along with the signals being taught in the room. Free Wi-Fi will be provided and outlets will be available for recharging computers and phones. Bring cards with your contact information on it to give to other Flux users as well to make networking faster and easier.

How does virtual attendance work? There will be a GoToWebinar link for every keynote session. We'll open each GoToMeeting session 15 minutes before each session starts to allow the participants to come into the GoToWebinar and prepare. You'll be able to see our screens, as well as the video streaming from the conference room. You won't be able to use your microphone - but like all our GoToWebinar events, you can type into the room with questions as we teach, and we'll stop and answer every question asked as we go. When the session ends, we'll close the GoToWebinar and re-open the next one. You'll have the registration links for the event days in advance to prepare and get ready.





VIP Live Attendance, Las Vegas 2018: $1495.00


* VIP's are  permitted to attend VIP training seminars live or virtually, and receive VIP seminar workpaces/recordings/indicators, as well as other bonuses to be announced as the event approaches.


Live Seminar Attendance, Las Vegas 2018: $995.00


Includes a spot for 1 guest at all non-VIP classes, as well as lunch both days. Inform if guest attendance.


Virtual EDGE, registration via Webinar: $895.00

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