Signal Optimization Workshop

Join us August 23rd and 24th from 0800-1200, each day.


We've spent the last 14 months  working with the world's best programmers building the most powerful features available for traders into Aurora

We've broken our curriculum into two days of live market signals with the following classes being taught in real time:

Finding the best settings for any market.

We'll optimize LIVE in real time, (1) Forex Pair, (1) Index, (1) commodity (oil/gold) futures instrument, (1) crypto coin, and (1) equity. Observe our process from beginning to end using the following parameters as input variables:

a. Trend vs no trend filter
b. Trend filter type and average size
c. Time of day
d. Fixed  versus dynamic (ATR) versus classic "dot to dot" stops and targets
e. Filtering pattern 4/5 signals from results

Trading the Pattern 4 / 5 setup

Ron has been teaching this setup in his PRO ROOM for over five years, refining and honing the rules down to a set of precise entry and exit requirements. 

This is the lowest risk, highest reward setup of every rule set we've ever taught. 

If you are trying to or have already qualified for an APEX INVESTING funded trading account, this is what they are looking for.

Small short draw downs, with consistent gains (bunts, singles, and doubles.)

All registrants will receive the rules book for the Pattern 4/5 setup that drive the output on the Aurora signal plot

Trading the real time RISK REWARD display tool 

Aurora now comes with a PROJECTED TARGETS (where the market is likely to go at each predictive trading time) and measures your distance to the target and distance to the stop in real time. We'll be demonstrating live entries that meet the qualification of a minimum 1:1 or 2:1 ratio, waiting for pullbacks that amplify the statistical edge of the trading plan.  We'll demonstrate how approaching trades from this perspective (2:1 only), traders need only have a 45% expectancy to experience success over time. 



First 20 registrants will receive a personalized template power pack. Tell us your market and time frame -and let us build the optimized trading plan for you.  Tell us your market of choice (Emini S&P) and the size bar you're trading (3M) and the hours you trade (0800-1000) and we will build a custom trading plan complete with back tested results and optimized settings, templates and workspaces for Ninjatrader8. 


I'll be including my Money Management Workshop training for free to all registrants, complete with all documentation and spreadsheets. You'll learn how to take the results from your Aurora output (Excel) and plug them into a spreadsheet that tells you:

a. when to trade live
b. when to trade sim
c. when to increase contract size
d. when to decrease contract size

You'll see the difference between taking every trade of your model live, and filtering losses using advanced mathematical techniques to minimize drawdown and tell you when to switch from LIVE to SIM. This technique, combined with the optimized signals of the Aurora conference should enable any trader to easily pass any funded account requirements.




$495 USD for 2 day attendance