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Prophet Viewer

The fastest, most powerful back-testing module for NinjaTrader

  • Requires no experience in, or knowledge of programming

  • Back-tests either hand drawn or programatically generated chart objects

  • Eliminates redundant hand testing that is inherently constrained and inflexible

  • Allows users to see in minutes what once took days to generate using Excel

  • Streamlines system development by eliminating expensive strategy programmers in testing stages

  • Allows fluid changes to stops, entries, and targets with a few keystrokes to test different ideas.

    The Prophet Viewer for NinjaTrader is the perfect companion tool for Flux users who wish to back-test any one of the methodologies taught in the Flux Training Garage, or in the InHisPlan Live Trading room. Test your own versions of the "Stoplight" entry, or the "Trendstalker" entry by clicking and depositing arrows on your chart for entries, and squares for exits to quickly determine if a trading method "has legs". Get the required 30-50 trade results inside of 20-30 minutes using this tool to determine if it warrants testing deeper. Change your trade stops to determine if you're being too tight, or too generous. Modify your targets - or tell Prophet Viewer to implement a trail stop to see what extending your targets would do to your model.

    What once took hours, days, or even weeks can now liberate you to see if your trading model will work in a matter of minutes - all without the aid of a programmer, or the need to learn complicated Strategy Analyzer programming languages.

    $749.00 USD One Time Purchase