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This Summer, we'll be celebrating our seventh year as After nearly 7 years, and some 2,000+ customers, we're pleased to announce our fifth live Flux Training Seminar, April 4th and April 5th. Over the course of the two days, we're going to be teaching advanced Flux techniques that we've always wished we had time to teach throughout the years. This is the "I wish we had 25 guys and 2 days to sit down and really dig down deep and teach what we've learned", stuff.

As you're about to see - the material we're going to cover isn't anything like you've encountered from Ron's room or anything I've shown in a live room before. We've always enjoyed what happens at these events, as it creates a unique opportunity for you to network with other Flux traders in a face to face question and answer environment where you're free to share what's working for you with other traders, or consequently ask other traders as well as the original product developers who've been using the tools longer than you what they're doing successfully and what they've learned throughout the years. Here's what we're going to be teaching at this one time, special event:  



2015 was an exciting year for our corporate trading systems development. . In the past year, we've done more backtesting and forward testing/trading than we have in the previous seven years of our company's existence. Earlier this year, Ron and I created a rules based trading system centered on one of the original Flux indicators - the Flux Core-Temp of "Power Pack" fame. That idea has transformed into an automated trading system (we're using it on Crude futures) with an equity curve unlike anything we've ever seen before. Ron and I are super excited to share these results with you, and tell you how it works

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Over the course of the last 7 years, I've spoken with close to 8,000 futures and forex traders about their trading successes and failures. Over that period of time, you start to ask yourself, "why are some traders successful, while others seem to endlessly struggle to make it past the "break-even" stage of their journeys? Over this past year - we've been administering a test used in the Human Resources departments of companies like GOOGLE to determine if there is anyway to predict if a customer will be profitable - or struggle long term.  Are traders "hardwired" a certain way which predisposes them to engage the market successfully - or constantly wrestle with it?  As a result of our studies - we've uncovered one common test result that predicted an 80 to 90 percent chance of success in trading. Another test result, representing  7%+ of the population, had a 99% predictive failure rate. Are we really all "snowflakes", or do we fall into a category that can be measured, analyzed - and then acted upon? Come see what the latest research reveals - and how you can identify - objectively - the things you do best and worst to become the most successful trader you can be. 


TRADING SYSTEM     INTRODUCING: A profitable Emini S&P Trading System with BTTFT Co-Founder Ron Gardner

Continuing our series of providing rules based trading systems during our Flux EDGE training events, Co-Founder Ron Gardner will be sharing the rules of this Emini S&P trading system with all EDGE attendees. All customers with the Flux PROFESSIONAL or higher packages have every tool they already need for this model which couples trend trading methodologies with the FLUX timing signals. This system also uses a unique third component that adjusts dynamically from day to day that traders can use to choose realistic and acheievable targets once the position is placed. We like this system, as it works with the Emini S&P, allowing traders to scale their position sizes without the worries of slippage that come with markets like crude futures, or the Emini Dow.. 

Advanced Peek Screenshots: Included in seminar: All attendees receive Ron's templates and workspaces used in the demonstration, as well as a rules sheet showing the exact techniques used to enter and exit the trades. 



Did you know your market has a 'support and resistance' code - just like it has a time code? Having watched the markets for close to seven years now, with over 10,000 hours of Flux screen time, Michael began noticing a convergence of TIME and PRICE relationships with regards to market movements among all of the Flux Professional indicators. Having understood the "when" of market timing, it has only been in the last 6-12 months that a fuller understanding of "where" the markets will turn has arisen. Michael will use three methods - using the Flux TIME CYCLE MARKERS, the FLUX DAILY CYCLE MARKERS as well as the FLUX SETI / MAGNETO to demonstrate how to determine in advance where 75% or more of the market pivots will occur in a session before the markets open, with a higher accuracy than the FLUX FRACTAL PIVOT CONFLUENCE indicator has ever been able to determine. Learn how every market you trade has an "invisible roadway" or "ladder" that price moves back and forth between as new structure highs and lows are formed.

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NEW INDICATOR     INTRODUCING: the FLUX INVERSION indicator with BTTFT Co-Founder Ron Gardner

If you come for one class - this is the one. For the past year, Ron has been working with programmers to do one very specific thing - codify his Inversion rules. These rules are the base floor foundation of our corporate trading systems - as well as many other FLUX traders that have learned them and incorporated them over the years. Based on the FLUX POWERZONE histogram and time cycle marker indicators, this exciting seminar will discuss the rules in detail, and show what has taken over a hundred hours of programming to finally finalize. During this seminar, Ron will show you the results of our Inversion Rule trading system - as well as how the Inversion Indicator filter changes the results of other trading systems. Knowing when to take longs, and when to take shorts - basing everything off of the FLUX POWERZONE - without having to "think" has been a Holy-Grail of ours for years - and we're excited to share what we've developed with you.

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Many years ago - one of the traders most responsible for setting Ron and Michael on their trading paths said, "The battle for success isn't between you and the's between your left ear and your right ear". He was referring to the war that wages inside each of our own brains...and the internal psychology conflicts that prevent many of us from hitting the button, or hitting the button when we absolutely shouldn't be near a computer. In past events, we've shown how you can see what is happening inside your own mind, by measuring your mind's activity 'waves'....clearly seeing wave patterns that show when you are relaxed....patterns that show when you are concentrating....or patterns that show when you are anxious, distracted, and confused.  This year, we invested in the most advanced and powerful scanning tool we've reviewed to date, and the results have been absolutely amazing.  We'll be bringing all of our units, and showing you the techniques we've been using to "see" the battle inside our own minds, and how we've been combating the stresses that banks count on to destabilize us during live market hours. 


TRADING SYSTEM     INTRODUCING: The OPEN CLOSE trading system with BTTFT Co-Founder Ron Gardner

As many of you know, Ron's been focusing more than he's ever focused before on overseeing our corporate trading department, spending less and less time in the live training rooms each week as he develops, tests, and forward implements FLUX based trading systems and methodologies. This year in the Las Vegas EDGE conference, Ron will be sharing the latest addition to our portfolio - the OPEN-CLOSE - trading system. This system is different than any rule set before it, in that you place one trade in the Emini S&P at the open of a very particular market day - and close the position at the close of the same day. One trade. One very specific condition. Ron will be sharing the rules for this system (which trades the Emini S&P) and discussing the genesis of the methodology with all EDGE attendees.  This past year alone, the OPEN CLOSE system has generated over 80 points per contract, making this seminar a must see for all Flux users.

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TRADING SYSTEM      The RAPIDFIRE trading system with Pro-Staffer Bob Swierczynski

A year ago, BTTFT Co-Founder Ron Gardner teamed up with Flux customer Bow Swierczynski to "mechanize" the trade Ron had been teaching in his Garage classes, the "Game On Break Out" trade. Was it possible to create a mechanical variation of that system for traders that needed something ground-floor-simple? Together, over the next six months, the two men developed a trading method that requires traders to hit 1 button for each trade, the "RapidFire" trading system. Bob has his track record in the live room behind him now (all trades since August) and he'll be going over the system to demonstrate the rules of the trade for all attendees who are interested in scalping the emini's. 

BONUS: All registrants will receive a month of the RAPIDFIRE program as well as access to Bob's live trading room 


NEW METHOD:     INTRODUCING: Studying TIME in relation to PRICE action with BTTFT Co-Founder Michael Lydick

The FLUX method of analyzing TIME based movements is on par with learning a new language. The language of TIME for many years for us, was restricted to a few 'words'. We understood "histogram", "up dot" and "down dot". In the last FLUX EDGE event, Michael introduced us to 6 new phrases - in the very popular FLUX MATRIX series of indicators. These "Matrix" patterns were a completely new way of understanding how price would go - only this time analyzing TIME in relation to price action. Where was the dot in location to a prior swing high, or low? The feedback from many of you over this past year was that the MATRIX method instantly transformed your trading performance - and gave you a deeper understanding of what should happen next. This year, Michael will teach more patterns in the MATRIX series of indicators, specifically showing how you can compare 2 consecutive FLUX markers that occur one after the other to understand what the market will do next. These patterns are not obvious - and require you to 'bend your brain' to learn them, as they run contrary to what most traders are taught using conventional indicators.

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Event Details:

This seminar will be limited to the first 25 registrants. You can attend "virtually" via 10 live GoToMeeting events - or in person. If you come in person - please bring a spouse or a "plus 1". Lunch will be provided to all registrants on both April 4th and April 5th at one of the popular restaurants near the hotel.

All registrants will receive a discount at the Downtown Grand by asking for the "Higher Purpose Inc" event, and will receive a discount rate of $49.00/night for Sunday and $32/night for Monday and Tuesday (single or double occupancy) rate. This rate does not include a 13% tax nor a discounted $11 experience fee charged at check in. Prices are only guaranteed until March 21st so book today!  Reservations can be made by calling (702) 719-5100 or (555) 384-7263 Classes will start 8:30 local time and end no later than 5:00pm local time with a 90 minute break for lunch at 12:00. Each session will be recorded, and a copy of the recording will be provided to the attendees within 14 days after the event's conclusion. Door prizes will be awarded throughout the sessions across Monday and Tuesday.  


Early Registration Fee for Live attendance: $995.00









Early Registration for virtual attendance: $895