Live 2014 Las Vegas Flux Seminar

2-16-2014 8-52-45 PM

This Summer, we'll be celebrating our fifth year as After nearly 5 years, and some 1,300+ customers, we've We're pleased to announce our first ever live Flux Training Seminar, March 31st thru April 1st. Over the course of the two days, we're going to be teaching advanced Flux techniques that we've always wished we had time to teach throughout the years. This is the "I wish we had 25 guys and 2 days to sit down and really dig down deep and teach what we've learned", stuff. As you're about to see - the material we're going to cover isn't anything like you've encountered from Ron's room or anything I've shown in a live room before. We've always enjoyed what happens at these events, as it creates a unique opportunity for you to network with other Flux traders in a face to face question and answer environment where you're free to share what's working for you with other traders, or consequently ask other traders as well as the original product developers who've been using the tools longer than you what they're doing successfully and what they've learned throughout the years.

Here's what we're going to be teaching at this one time, special event:


INTRODUCING: Advanced Gann Integration and predictive Fibonacci Rays with Greg Janson

Our newest Pro-Staff member Greg Janson is one of those traders whose seen everything...the guy who has an old russian notebook held together with tape and string with notes from the teachings of great traders of the past. During his session times, Greg will be demonstrating how to take something you're already familiar with - Flux Powerzone lines and Barrier lines, and convert those lines into powerful PREDICTIVE TIME indicators using simple market structure and conventional Gann Fan techniques. Greg will also be sharing his Fibonacci template settings - based on years of collaborative research - that will allow any Flux user to discover the next 6-8 highest energy market times times after a very clear and defined market pattern that shows up on any market and time frame. In addition to these powerful predictive techniques, Greg will also demonstrate his simple yet effective Flux Velocity technique that will leave you asking, "Why didn't I think to do that?" once he shows it to you.

Advance sneak peek screenshots:

Included in seminar: Predictive Fibonacci Level Template Settings, Downloads for sample charts with step by step technique instructions.


Those of you who've attended my live sessions have seen how powerfully Gann's teachings were relative to the resistance levels associated with the Time Cycles and patterns he told us we should find in the historical averages of the instruments we trade. He said, "“ Now, by a study of the TIME PERIODS and TIME CYCLES you will learn why tops and bottoms are found at certain times and why Resistance Levels are so strong at certain times and bottoms and tops hold around them". In this segment, Michael will be introducing the newest and quite possibly one of the most powerful indicators we've ever released, the Flux Time Zone indicator. The Time Zone indicator is to the Flux FPC lines what an F-22 Raptor Jet is to a paper airplane. In our time together, I'll show you the genesis of the indicator using noting but Flux PowerZone and Barrier lines, then demonstrate how the Time Zone indicator takes over to reveal the zones of market support and resistance that provide the highest probability of resistance, consolidation, and support. You'll learn - like we're seeing play out live - how the market responds to the the Flux Time Zones - a very high percentage of the time touching the zones to the tick before reversing 20, 50, and 100+ ticks in the opposite direction. This new indicator has opened the possibility for several new trade setups, and we'll be showing you the results of those setups live during this one time seminar event.

Included in seminar: All attendees will receive the Flux Time Zone indicator free...a $750.00 value as well as chart templates used in Michael's demonstration with the most popular futures and forex markets and time frames.

Advanced sneak peek screenshot:

Integrating Market Profiling methodologies with the Flux Professional Tool Suite by Michael Maldonado, CTA

In 1985, the Market Profile graphic was introduced to the public as a part of a Chicago Board of Trade product and was originally devised by J.Peter Steidlmayer - a trading member of the CBOT. These charts are based on price and volume information and combine them in a way that displays price, volume, and time frames on a single chart. Sometimes known by other names - like a TPO chart, these studies can be used as a complete trading system or as Michael will show, as part of a larger trading system like the one he trades in the InHisPlan professional trading room. In this session, Michael will reveal how he uses Market Profile data to help him achieve the equity curve results of the InHisPlan trading room, and specifically what tools from the Flux Professional Toolset he uses to confirm those trades with the Emini Russell and the Crude Light Futures Markets. Michael is part of our Flux Pro-Team, a Certified Trading Advisor, and uses Flux tools exclusively to trade his account as he teaches Flux customers high probability setups to help them become consistent rule following traders every day in his popular "InHisPlan" trading room.

Included in seminar: All attendees will receive a 30 day guest pass to Michael's "InHisPlan" trading room starting the week after the seminar...a $395.00 value.

INTRODUCING: New for 2014...the Flux Shifted Histograms, by Ron Gardner

From the very first day we showed a Flux Markers chart above a Flux Histogram chart, we were asked, "How come you can't put the histogram on the same chart?", or, "why do you have to drag the chart's back 1 week?". For the past 6 months, Ron and programmer extraordinaire Ben Letto have finally conquered the programming challenges posed by this predictive dilemma for what we believe to be our single most important software upgrade of the past 5 years. In this very special class, Pro-Mentor Ron Gardner will introduce this new upgrade and demonstrate the new doors that open to traders as a result of this groundbreaking setup. Ron will demonstrate how to integrate live chart data directly on top of the integrated histograms to even more precisely identify market inversions, as well as teach how to use the Flux Histogram values as Input Series Data to generate critical reference value for automated trading systems as well as popular platforms like the BloodHound trading strategy construction tools. This is a must see event, and each seminar attendee will receive a pre-upgrade beta release of this indicator 3-4 months before the general Flux community receives this upgrade.

Advanced Peek Screenshots:

Included in seminar: All attendees receive a pre-release beta-copy of the Flux Shifted Histograms, downloadable advanced chart templates for most popularly traded markets.

INTRODUCING: Building setups, indicators and strategies with BLOODHOUND software with special guest (TBA)

Our Pro-Staff has been working closely with the staff at Shark Indicators to certify that each of the Flux Professional indicators are BLOODHOUND CERTIFIED, allowing our customers to input, back-test, and run automated trading strategies with this cutting edge program. The BLOODHOUND software complements your market research and analysis by making semi and fully automated trades according to your trading rules - all without the aid of expensive programmers or strategy developers. A BLOODHOUND representative will be onsite to answer all of your questions, as well as demonstrate sample strategy building techniques that allow you to build rules based setup alerts and/or custom fully automatic trading strategies using all of your Flux Professional indicators. We are one of the first companies to be fully BLOODHOUND certified, and we're proud to have this time with Sean, Jeremy, or Zac to share how you can get started building your own strategies with Flux indicators.

Included in seminar: A special discount will be available for all seminar attendees for Bloodhound products. A door prize for a Bloodhound package will also be offered

INTRODUCING:  Building Hybrid Flux-Hounds....creating a Bloodhound Strategy with Flux indicators by Ron Gardner

Ron and Greg have been testing Bloodhound strategies with Flux indicators for months now, and are eager to share what they've learned in this special seminar only training session. Using nothing but Flux indicators - Ron will demonstrate the various stages of strategy assembly and testing using the Bloodhound tools. Each of the Flux tools have been modified over the past few months to provide the data values Bloodhound looks for when referencing indicators in setup and strategy construction....that means you can begin building and testing strategies that reference things like FPC lines...Flux Time Cycle Markers, and starting in July, the Flux Shifted Histos Histogram analysis. Customers who purchase the software before or at the event will be able to construct their own simple strategies and follow along with Ron step by step as he demonstrates the Flux compatibility with all Bloodhound tools.

Included in seminar: Bloodhound Template Files used and created in the presentation, downloadable at the seminar.

INTRODUCING: Psycological Warfare in Trading....fighting back with simple and effective countermeasures by Michael Lydick

Ask any trader and they'll tell you that trading is 20% system, and 80% psychological - with the majority of wins or losses starting with the psyche of the individual trader. In this thought provocative session, Michael will share the top insights for combating the inner psychological war that rages inside every trader's mind as reported by the thousands of traders he's spoken to throughout the 5 years of In addition, Michael will discuss and demonstrate 3 proven and simple tools and techniques that every trader can start using immediately to increase their attention, focus, and relaxation while trading live in the markets, including one technique proven to reduce anxiety over 25% in one study, with another study (Duke University) showing increased test scores involving alertness and overall mood elevation

Included in Seminar: Download link for all attendees with sample course materials (note: please bring a stereo headset to this class)

INTRODUCING: Using Market System Analyzer software money management software

Once you've found an "edge" in the markets -- like the FLUX - trading systems or method -- the greatest opportunity for profit lies with methods for trading your system or method more successfully. These so-called money management methods, such as position sizing, are the core of Market System Analyzer (MSA), a money management software application from Adaptrade Software. Pro-Staff Mentor Ron Gardner will demonstrate how using MSA can maximize the performance of trading systems and discretionary trading methods by uncovering tradeable profit/loss patterns, optimizing trading position sizes, as well as avoid trades and strategies that have a low likelihood of success. Ron will be using trade data from Flux customers to show how using a program like MSA can result in a higher percentage of winning trades with lower draw downs and greater profitability.

Advanced sneak peak screenshot:

Included in Seminar: Attendees will be provided with a 30 day trial download link for Market System Analyzer to download prior to the event to follow with Ron as the class is taught, and provided with sample Flux trade data to use in the simulations.

INTRODUCING: The timing of the cosmos....integrating Flux timing patterns with simple astronomical event timing patterns.

When we first started with the Flux, we had little more than a histogram chart- and that without so much as a market timing stamp. We were drawing dots at the peaks of histograms not really understanding the how or why of what we'd learn over the next 5 years. In this special seminar only presentation, Michael will demonstrate how you can use easily available data for common celestial events to increase your trading percentages by incorporating new market timing and support and resistance techniques. Studies linking the occurrence of recessions and depressions with overlapped studies of solar activity - scientific studies confirmed by legitimate organizations like the Atlanta Federal Reserve board will  help shed some line on simple things you can watch for...things that repeat week after week, month after month - that can increase your trading probabilities with proven "cause and effect" relationships.

Included in Seminar: TBD


To Be Determined / Time Permitting: Michael will be presenting some advanced trading techniques of pro-Flux traders showing specific trade setups in both futures and Forex. Having interviewed Flux customers who are using the software profitably, you'll get a first hand look at the kinds of setups they are looking for, and the types of statistics they're seeing using the Flux tools in their everyday trading!

Event details:

This seminar will be limited to the first 25 registrants. Lunch will be provided to all registrants on both March 31st and April 1st at one of the Hotel Restaurants. All registrants will receive a discount at the Downtown Grand by asking for the "Back to the Future Trading Event", and will receive a $39.00/night (single or double occupancy) rate. This rate does not include a 13% tax nor an $11 experience fee charged at check in. Reservations can be made by calling (702) 719-5100 or (555) 384-7263 Classes will start 8:30 local time and end no later than 5:00pm local time with a 90 minute break for lunch at 12:00. Michael, Michael, Ron and Ben will be available to meet after classes and share dinner time with anyone who wants to get together after classes on Monday night. Each session will be recorded, and a copy of the recording will be provided to the attendees within 14 days after the event's conclusion. Door prizes will be awarded throughout the sessions across Monday and Tuesday and will be announced as we approach the event dates.


Event Registration Deadline: March 15th, 2014

Early Registration Fee: $995.00