Live 2014 aTLANTA Flux Seminar

This year, we're celebrating our fifth year as After nearly 5 years, and about 1,500 customers, we've This year, we decided to change that. Our first west coast event in Las Vegas went above and beyond our best expectations...but we left a lot of traders on the East Coast behind. So - we're pleased to announce our East Coast American Live Flux Training Seminar, October 13th and 14th. Over the course of the two days, we're going to be teaching advanced Flux techniques that we've always wished we had time to teach throughout the years.  These techniques, methods, and seminars take what we taught in Las Vegas to a completely different level with completely fresh material, and introductions of brand new tools. As of right now - here's what we have on the books, locked in, ready to teach our Pro-Event participants:

INTRODUCING: FLUX 2.0 with Ron Gardner

This is not your grandfather's Flux. Our biggest upgrade EVER in 5 years celebrates our new found programming abilities by incorporating the Flux Histogram on the same chart, as the price bars and Time Cycle Markers.  This new found ability allows us to finally do things the way we want - and allow you to see trading setups the way we've always hoped. Over the course of the webinar, Ron will discuss the new freedom we have with these new upgrades, including real time inversion identification, predictive chop zone identification, and the newest ability - analyzing and working with second bars for the highest resolution Flux analysis....ever. During this seminar, Ron will spend time discussing and teaching a trade he has been developing for the past several months - his "EDGE" trade, which predicts directional trending movement at specific CHOP ZONES locations as often at 80% of the time.

Included in seminar: The  FLUX 2.0 world premier software upgrade

Advanced Psychological Defense Strategies with Michael Lydick

The truth doesn't lie. 85% or more of traders that sit in front of a trading platform, fail. The ultimate reality is that trading, is a battle between you - and yourself. The conflict "between your left and right ears" can lead to self defeating and sabotaging behavior patterns. You "do what you DON'T want to do" and "don't do what you DO want to do". We'll briefly review some modern methodologies available to help enter a consistently positive trading mindset to start. Then, we'll delve deeper with 3 additional proven methodologies that  can greatly help professional traders achieve success and consistency during their trading sessions.  Finally, we'll investigate who we are - who we were BEFORE we became traders can affect the statistics of our success using an innovative personality psychological survey that often times reveals who will be a great trader - and who will struggle.

Introducing: FLUX NEURAL with Ron Gardner

For the past five years, we've been using data mining strategies to reveal very high probabilities in "future time". Whether it was using a standard 2 week Flux look back to find optimum turning times....using the Flux Flashback to look back successive days into the past - of the new Flux Daily Cycle markers to reveal larger daily movements, we've always focused primarily on TIME as the dimension, and TIME as the target of our studies. This past year, we asked a question - 'What if we wanted to find 10 ticks......10 ticks of the market moving straight up, with absolutely no heat. Absolutely no pressure?". Could we develop a program that looked for 'pockets' of profitability, where the market moved a certain distance "Y" up or down? What if you knew - for example - that once the next bar closed, there was an 86% chance it would go up 10 straight ticks? The next bar, a 46% chance? After 6 months of research and development - the answer is a resounding "YES!", with the FLUX NEURAL. Ron Gardner will demonstrate how changing the focus from TIME, to profit - can take standard Flux methods to an entirely different level.

Included in seminar: All attendees will receive a one time, never to be offered again insanity discount on the FLUX NEURAL

INTRODUCING: the FLUX S.E.T.I. Project with Michael Lydick

W.D. Gann said that the secret to his ability to trade as profitably as he did, was understanding that there was a 'CAUSE' - something apart from and outside of humanity that had a direct 'EFFECT' on how we behaved, as a whole in the market. Up until 2014, we always had the 'effect' - the Flux Histograms and Time Cycle Markers - never understanding what CAUSED the markets to move at the times the histograms said to expect trend starts. In 2014 - we identified a cause AND an effect with the Flux DAILY CYCLE MARKERS.  This was the start of one of the most exciting developments in our company's history. In this seminar - Michael Lydick will discuss 2 unique indicators [FLUX S.E.T.I.] that measure, log, and graphically display values never before displayed on a NinjaTrader chart.  You won't believe what the source of the data is - and the profound, and immediate effect the data has on market behavior. For the first time in the company's history - we've identified a "WHY"...."Why does the market turn at these times?". The answer, seemingly - was just above our heads.

Included in seminar: All attendees will receive a one time, never to be offered again insanity discount on the FLUX S.E.T.I. indicator suite


The Holy Grail - has nothing to do with an indicator. Or much less than traders will concede. Mark Douglas, author of the popularly acclaimed book, "Trading in the Zone", says this: "There is a random distribution between wins and losses for any given set of variables that defines an edge. …. This truth makes trading a probability or numbers game. When you really believe that trading is simply a probability game, concepts like "right" and "wrong" or "win" and "lose" no longer have the same significance. As a result, your expectations will be in harmony with the possibilities.“ The true Holy Grail - once you've defined a statistical edge (THE FLUX) is money management. Knowing when to increase your lot size - decrease it - or go home and stop trading altogether. The Team at Pure Logik have built the world's first equity manager DIRECTLY TIED to NinjaTrader - a unique and powerful system that logs your trades automatically as you take them real time. As you take your trades, the LOGIK ACCOUNT MANAGER will automatically log the trades, plot the results on a real-time equity curve...plot equity curve moving averages, and advise position sizing with a unique "Heads Up" display for the ultimate in trading accountability.  The days of losing 25,30, 40% of your account are over - with this highly intuitive and powerful management system.

Included in seminar: A special one time only discount will be available for all seminar attendees. A door prize for a Pure Logik ACCOUNT MANAGER package will also be chosen at random.

Incorporating Volume Spread Analysis with FLUX PROFESSIONAL signals by Michael Lydick

Richard Wyckoff - a popular trader and trading columnist in the early 20th century was a market theologian in his own right - and saw the world through the lens of Volume. He was - unknowing to most - a popular advocate for the bold and strange new comer to the trading scene, WD Gann. Having observed the markets, and Gann for a number of years, Wyckoff said, "“The experience of the past few years has emphasized the value of disregarding all considerations except those which relate to price movement, volume, and time…” We all understand how the Institutions MOVE the markets - but Wyckoff 100 years+ ago noticed that these juggernauts can't hide their giant footsteps. Those footsteps - sealed forever in, and exposed by, volume. For the past 6 months, Michael has been incorporating new techniques that harness Wyckoff's observations about how volume behaves near key market times using the Flux VOLUME VACUUM to discover unique trading opportunities where TIME and VOLUME collide together for even higher probability setups. Included in seminar: (3) door prizes for the Flux Volume Vacuum will be randomly chosen at the live event.

Improving your Trading Computer's Performance with Aaron Lindsey

You have one tool as a professional trader that you rely 100% on to work pefectly - day in and day out....your trading computer. Over time -  predictably and indescribably - your PC's performance degrades, slows down, and limits the performance of your incoming data and outgoing indicators. Senior I.T. manager, Aaron Lindsey, will be teaching how a trading computer's performance can be compromised over time, and how regular maintenance can improve your machine and keep it running as good as the day you took it out of the box.  Aaron will also demonstrate several things, that any trader can do on their own to monitor and improve their PC's performance to check on the overall health of their unit.

Included in Seminar: A door prize for (1) year of remote Trading PC management will be randomly chosen and given to an event participant.

Specific Trading Setups using the Flux, with Michael Lydick and Ron Gardner

At our first Flux event in Las Vegas - our number one seminar as measured by interest, and attentiveness, was our discussion of Flux trading setups. In this event, we'll spend as much or more time discussing specific trading setups that we've discovered work well in the markets you trade. These setups (some dozen or so at last count) can be easy to identify when you know what to look for - except now you don't have to stare at the screen like we did for 6 years waiting for it to "hit you in the head".  We'll also share specific trading setups from customers who have shared what they are doing profitably in the markets they trade, to help you better utilize the tools you've purchased in the past.

Included in this seminar: (1) door prize of any Flux tool (user's choice) will be given away at the beginning of this seminar

Event details:

This seminar will be limited to the first 30 registrants.  (Can I bring my spouse? Yes)

Lunch will be provided to all registrants on both October 13th and October 14th, at one of the local restaurants. In Las Vegas, some traders commented that this was one of their favorite parts of the event. We had opportunities to meet and talk with every one of the registrants, and traders had an opportunity to talk to other Flux users to see what they were doing with their tools as they dined on excellent food in a beautiful dining room.

All registrants will receive a discount at the Embassy Suites Hotel, in Buckhead - Atlanta. Room rates are normally $160.00 per night, but we have negotiated a lower room rate of $129.00 per night for all Flux event participants. This special will expire on September 22nd, so reservations must be made before then. To take advantage of the discounted rate, customers can CLICK HERE to reserve their room. If you'd like to call the hotel instead, their number is 404-266-4806. Our group name is "Back to the Future Trading", and our group code is "B2F".

Classes will start 8:30 local time and end no later than 5:00pm local time with a 90 minute break for lunch at 12:00. Michael, Ron and Rachel will be available to meet after classes and share dinner time with anyone who wants to get together after classes on Monday night. We'll be staying in the same hotel as the event with everyone else.

Each session will be recorded, and a copy of the recording will be provided to the attendees within 14 days after the event's conclusion. Last event we had some glitches - this time we have a solid recording procedure that will run flawlessly.

Door prizes will be awarded throughout the sessions across Monday and Tuesday. We have some already listed above, but many more will be announced as we approach the event dates. Last event, door prizes included custom embroidered Flux button down shirts, and hats.

Event Registration Deadline: October 6th, 2014

Early Registration Fee: $995.00




Can't make the trip?

Save on travel expenses and join us anyway via LIVE webinar!  Link into the discussion with live chat correspondence during each session. You will receive all recorded material and will also be eligible for door prizes!