Flux Time Zones

4-23-2014 10-57-43 AM

Flux Time zones is the single most advanced support and resistance trading tool for intraday traders available.

Using the Flux Time Zones indicator, you can:

  • Plot hundreds of Power Zone Lines, as well as hundreds of Barriers lines from the PowerZone and AMACD/ACCI/AStoch time cycle markers
  • Specify a "region size" of support and resistance where clusters of Barrier Lines or PowerZone lines are concentrated
  • Watch to see the levels that Gann predicts we will see "tops and bottoms form"
  • Quickly see areas where the market is most likely to consolidate, inside the Time Zones
  • Quickly see the areas where the market is most likely to trend, in-between the Time Zones where there is no legacy resistance from the time cycles
  • Reference higher time frame resistance lines on lower time frame charts
  • Reference lower time frame resistance locally on the trading time frame
  • Use zone levels as support in an uptrend, and as resistance in down trends
  • Trade congestion indicators "inside" the zones....trade trend signals at zone boundaries
  • Zone gradient shading allows traders to quickly see the darkest price zones inside a major zone where the most support, or most resistance lays



Complex Price Information, effortlessly sorted

  • The Flux Time Zone indicator does for resistance what the original Time Cycle Markers did for time cycle analysis, using data mining techniques to harvest across thousands of resistance data points to bring you the most accurate and intuitive sense of support and resistance in the market you trade.

Most frequently reported benefits

  • Fast, accurate identification of levels the market will form tops and bottoms at...many times to the tick, or with a 3-5 tick overshoot
  • Fast, intuitive understanding of where the market will trend, and where the market will congest
  • Easily overlay Flux Time Cycle markers on top of the Flux Time Zones to see the 1-3 trades each day where price and time seamlessly overlap

$495.00 USD One Time Purchase