The DEEP LOGIK Profit Pilot does the following for traders:
    • Completely integrates with NinjaTrader 7 and NinjaTrader 8, automatically tracking every trade placed on the chart, or through the DOM.
    • Eliminates the need to "hand-track" trades in Microsoft Excel or MSA from Adaptrade
    • Allows for the importation of a previous backtest via previously built Microsoft Excel charts (imports files output from Prophet Finder / CSV files ). Once imported, the DEEP LOGIK algorithm "learns" the statistical behaviors of your model....your setup and anticipates areas of drawdown, as well as areas of profit.
    • In real time, the Profit Pilot guides you...telling you based on the statistical behaviors of your model, when to be in SIMulated mode, and when to be trading with Live Funds. Continue placing your model's trades, switching back and forth between SIM and LIVE as conditions are predictably favorable, or unfavorable for your trades.
    • If no backtested signals are available - the Profit Finder's DEEP LOGIK algorithm "learns" how you place trades. The more trades you take, the more the module learns about your trading style and tendency, and begins reporting in real time when to take live trades versus sim mode.

 This product will be on sale to Flux Customers only for a limited time at $1895. The expected list price will be $2495.00 and will be marketed to the NinjaTrader community shortly at the higher price. 

$1895.00  USD One Time Purchase