Power Pack

Flux Power Pack

Energize your Flux Basic, Professional, or Investor Class package with these tools:

  • FLUX Multi-MA
  • FLUX Broadhead Elite
  • FLUX Range Rover
  • FLUX Javelin
  • FLUX Bar Transporter
  • FLUX Velocity

Flux Multi-MA

The Flux Multi-MA is a powerful moving average indicator that allows Flux users to instantly visualize changes in trend based on slope color of the following moving averages:

SMA / EMA / HMA / TMA / TEMA / WMA / VMA / VWMA / Zero Lag EMA / LinReg

Flux users know from our training sessions how these trending indicators help filter trades that are trend dependent - trading in the direction of the overall market movement. Using only these slope indications, Flux users can quickly identify red Flux Time Cycle Markers in a down trend, or green Flux Time Cycle Markers in an uptrend for higher probability moves.

Flux Multi-MA

Flux Broadhead Elite

The Flux Broadhead Elite powerfully energizes the baseline Broadhead by incorporating two important features into the indicator

First, the Elite allows user to define a trend filter -  allowing the indicator to be used as both a counter trend, as well as a trend pullback indicator. Customers can choose an SMA or EMA toggle to filter out counter trend signals that would ordinarily flood the screen in market runs throughout the days. With the trend filter, users can set a high pullback sensitivity to see trend pullbacks, and avoid the slew of counter trend signals that would ordinarily result from the higher sensitivity.

Second, the Elite allows users to define and display ATR or TICK based targets or stops at Broadhead Elite Entries. Users can set a hard wall stop, as well as two targets that can either remain fixed, or adjust with market volatility as the ATR changes throughout the session. These lines on screen allow users to powerfully sync NinjaTrader's Chart Trader capabilities and place orders directly on the Elite generated areas.

Broadhead Elite

Flux Range Rover

The Flux Range Rover was designed for the trend trader purist, taking the power of the Flux Broadhead Elite and harnessing it's predictive energy towards consolidation breaks in trending movements. In addition to this trend re-entry capability, the Range Rover also allows users to set targets and stops with fixed hard tick walls, or flexible ATR based stops and targets
Flux Range Rover

Flux Javelin

The Javelin is one of those tools that's fun to develop - if only because Ron gets to name it after a ballistic missile. It's also based on a sub-algorithm of the Flux BroadHead Elite, and looks for a very specific condition to appear in the market resulting in either a warning signal (dot, unconfirmed), or an entry signal (missile, confirmed). The Javelin may be used as a highly accurate scalping signal on lower time frames, or an entry signal for large swing trade time frame


Flux Javelin

The Flux Bar Transporter

The Flux Bar Transporter was specifically designed for traders that use non-time dependent chart bars. These include Range, Tick, Renko, Volume, and Line Break Bars. When trading using these bar types, the trader is left to wonder which of the available Flux Time Cycle Marker time frames to reference and apply to the chart to make sure that they are watching for the proper signals.For example, if a trader is trading a 150 Tick Gold Futures chart, what Flux Time Histogram or Time Cycle Markers should they reference......1 minute markers?......5 minute markers?

Flux Bar Transporter


The single most important tool in the Flux Power Pack, and by far the most powerful. This tool tells traders at the beginning of each trading session what the OPTIMAL tick, range, volume, and minute bar are to trade that day. If traders could measure the speed of the markets with a "radar gun", the Flux Velocity would allow them to shift up, and shift down, like a trading "transmission" to keep in step with the market volatility. By being dynamic, and having the optimal values to trade in the market, the trader assures themselves that they are not standing still with fixed targets and stops that will be completely ineffective in a new market volatility condition.

FLUX Velocity

$745.00 USD One Time Purchase