Since 2009, we have been developing predictive, time based software for retail traders seeking to master the edge of market timing and cycles. 

To accomplish this, we've discovered three end of day / daily bar energy cycles that banks are harnessing to manipulate the markets. Times that produce powerful impulse market moves.

These times are predictive and provide information about possible market direction and force up to a month in advance of the possible move. 

Traders looking to understand WHEN in the future to take a longer term position...a swing trade...have 3 available choices of analysis with the Flux INVESTOR package.


The Daily Cycle Marker analysis tool tracks a 4 stage energy cycle that markets follow, and alerts traders when the next energy cycle is arriving (see red arrow, above). Users know the exact date and time of the energy cycle's arrival a week into the future, enabling them to prepare for a possible entry, or to exit a longer term position in their futures, equities, spot Forex, or options position. 

Here is an example of the method's performance, over the course of years with the GBPAUD:

Observe what happens at the cycle times in NETFLIX: well as popular futures markets like the Emini S&P:


FLUX ORION End of Day / Daily Bar Analysis

The Flux ORION is the second of the three Flux INVESTOR indicators that provides an additional longer term position trading analysis edge. This indicator was created in 2015, and tracks a binary energy cycle with two very distinct phases. An "A" phase, and a "P" phase. 

These phases often time compliment the Flux DAILY CYCLE MARKER tool, and with certain markets surpass the accuracy of the DAILY CYCLE MARKER tool. 

Most importantly, the Flux ORION gives the dates and times of the next phases over 30 days in advance...simply observe the dates in the upper right corner of the window:

These signals do not disappear.....print "bars later", or repaint like some company's tools do. You know precisely when the signal is coming - and once it arrives, it stays there. 

The ORION can allow you to understand what is happening behind the scenes on a bank level as well. Watch here as we describe a "narrative" analysis using the ORION tool for the Emini S&P: 

Understanding the TIMES that markets are prone to massive up and down trending moves, up to a month in advance - there are few if any better alternatives for analysis beyond the Flux ORION tool.


Topping off the INVESTOR package, the Flux SOLAR CYCLES indicator is our most versatile predictive position trading tool to to date. Using the methods we've developed, traders can investigate the largest of position entries (lasting months or even years), down to 7 day cycles where intraday turns are most likely to occur. 

The Solar Cycle Indicator is based on the premise of "cause & effect", or Natural Law theory that the pioneering market analyst WD Gann espoused nearly a century ago. In this case, we are tracking the timing patterns perpetuated by the sun's cyclic release of charged particles which in turn upon reaching the earth's ionosphere, alter our physical environment. These changes cause large and predictable deltas in market sentiment, as evidenced by this one study of United States recessions and depressions:

We built on this discovery to locate the exact times the most and least energy was exerted, and using those dates - identify the "vibration" cycle of the markets. 

We talk about how precisely markets follow these cycles in the following YouTube discussion:

The technique allows users to drill down all the way to smaller end of day cycles, lasting one to two weeks:


The best path forward, if you're interested in learning more about these indicators and how they can benefit you in alerting you to potential moves BEFORE they happen in time, is scheduling a one on one appointment for a personalized demonstration of the software.

Simply pick a date on my calendar to meet, and see how these tools can help you maximize the opportunities that TIME analysis affords you:

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