Flux Daily Cycle Markers


Flux Daily Cycle Markers


The single most powerful predictive tool for daily bars in any market

  • Predicts market movements 7 days in advance
  • Assigns powerfully reactive, "to the tick" resistance levels to predictive days
  • Tracks universal macro events that directly affect and correlate to mass market psychology
  • Allows traders to discover resonant trend reversal days, often within 1-2 bars of the major turn
  • Accounts for weekend based events with an innovative Monday-Friday zone feature
  • Directly assign powerful daily resistance levels to intraday market time frames
  • Displays upcoming cycle event time predictions in upper corner of screen

Video Demonstration of Flux Lunar Levels:



Sample screenshots of Flux Daily Cycle Markers:

Crude Light Futures

Bond Futures

Corn Futures

Wheat Futures


Emini S&P

Complex Price Information, effortlessly sorted

The Flux Daily Cycle Markers algorithm sifts through thousands of end of day price bars and enables traders to make objective, emotionless decisions...targeting specific days as trend entries, and trend exits with "to the tick" accuracy never before seen in any Flux resistance analysis. These cycles can be utilized intraday, or applied to swing trading for stocks, stock options, binary options, or long term forex currency pair trading.

Why this indictor?

The Flux Daily Cycle Markers indicator is our foray into the "why" of Time Cycle Analysis. Using the backbone of the Flux time cycle histograms, time cycle markers, and resistive price lines - we're diving head first into "predictive causes", examining how scientifically measurable forces are able to predictively influence group behavior patterns, like buying and selling in the market.

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