FLUX NEURAL-  The FLUX NEURAL is the only tool in the Flux family that uses Flux data mining algorithms to measure when a move of a certain size is most likely to occur in the future. Previously, the Flux Histograms would only measure what time a move was most likely to occur. The Flux Neural adds a second dimension to this analysis, and  looks for a certain size move in PRICE that are most likely to occur at a certain time in the future, going back as many days into the past as defined by the user of the indicator. 

Customer Profile: For customers wanting to know what times of day a move of a certain size are most likely to occur





FLUX VELOCITY - This indicator tracks a separate energy sequence which follows a 180 degree phase network, apart from and distinct in relation to the FLUX DAILY CYCLE MARKERS. Also predictive, the indicator displays the date and time of the next 3 phases in the upper right corner of the screen of your chart, telling you when the current cycle will expire, and when the new cycle will begin. Historically, the "A" Phase tends to identify very distinct market rising times, while the "P" phase tends to identify very distinct and punctuated market falling times. Similar to the DAILY CYCLE MARKER tool, the FLUX ORION also produces support and resistance lines that can be used intraday when day trading futures and forex and equities, as these price lines tend to be very strong pivot levels.

Customer Profile: For customers that want to confirm an entry with volume / identify very low risk market areas / use smaller stops




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