BTTFT 2021 Summer School!
5 Classes between August 16th and 17th

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Class 1: Monday Aug 16th 0800-0930 EDT
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The absolutely lowest risk trade predictive time based setup we’ve ever developed in our 12 years of trading tool development. Ron, after 12 years’ experience demonstrating executions in his pro-training-room, will be demonstrating his lowest risk, highest reward trading setup in this one time event. This setup can be detected by, and used with any of our predictive timing software – including Flux, Warp, Alpha, or Force.


Class 2: Monday Aug 16th 0935-1035 EDT
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Money management workshop. We took the work of best selling author Ryan Jones (“The Trading Game”, Wiley Publishing) and encoded his fixed ratio money management principles into a real-time functional worksheet. Jone’s system is bi-dimensional. It tells you exactly when to increase contract size, as well as when to reduce contract size, or shift to SIM executions in real time. This technique prevents the all too often occurrences of account “blow ups” and transforms trading into what Mark Douglas referred to as “a probability game.” This one powerful tool is especially powerful when attempting to qualify for a funded account with TopStepTrader, Earn2Trader, Uprofit, or LeeLoo.


Class 3: Monday Aug 16th 1045-1215 EDT
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The most accurate Flux and Warp settings for any market or time frame. 6 templates for any futures, forex, equity, or cryptocurrency. 12 year’s worth of decoding 3,000+ customers charts after installation, we’ve uncovered unique combinations of indicator parameters which bring your predictive time chart’s outputs into focus, or what we call “too-good-to-be-true-charts.” We’ll publish the most accurate settings in templates prior to the class, and go through the application of each – step by step – for Forex, futures, crypto, and equities. Minute based charts through daily/weekly charts.


Class 4: Tuesday Aug 17th 0830-0930 EDT
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Secondary data series - the secret door inside of Warp. Using the basic default settings of Warp will generally get most customers to the accuracy of predictions that they desire - altering those default settings can augment the results even further. The "Secondary Data Series" parameter, however - provides and even faster path to accuracy, but demonstrating some markets are not so much "drivers" , but are rather being "driven" by other market's time predictions. One example of this would be the 6A or AUDUSD, being driven most accurately by copper futures - the times of copper futures overlaid being anywhere from 10-15% more accurate signals than any other combination of settings. During this class, I'll show you how the SDS parameter functions across two dimensions. First - by overlaying alternate driver markets to enhance accuracy. The second method - delivering higher time frame "time based" support levels which provide extremely low risk/high reward setups each trading session. This class is a must attend for any Warp user....


Class 5: Tuesday Aug 17th 0945-1130 EDT
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The square of time and price. Force Protocol – the most accurate setup from Force using Flux, Prime, Warp, or Force. Over the past 3 years, we’ve been working with elite customers in the FORCE trading room, developing a singular method which combines time and price in one unique setup. This setup has specific, non-discretionary rules which greatly reduce the number of signals per session and dramatically increase the odds of success at the time of execution.


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Event Registration Deadline: August 15th, 2021


How does virtual attendance work? There will be a GoToWebinar registration link for every session. You'll be able to see our presentation screens live. When the session ends, we'll close the GoToWebinar and re-open the next one. You will receive the links to register immediately upon purchasing, and then a reminder email with the specific "join link" one hour prior to each session. All sessions will be recorded for viewing afterward.